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Narrative Hooks and Endings

An activity to hook your readers and leave them satisfied

Richard Koh

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Narrative Hooks and Endings

Ways to start a Story
What makes you want to read a story?
at the Novel Openings
Who could have thought that a simple trip to Grandma’s house could end in tragedy?
Starting Little Red Riding Hood differently
The wolf was a tornado, changing the lives of all who crossed his path.
Her hair shone gold.
The warm summer breeze brought the scent of freshly-baked cookies to Red’s nose. She took a deep breath and purred in hungry anticipation.
You might be surprised to learn that a little girl couldn’t recognise her own grandmother.
Tall, dark, and with an air of confidence, the woodsman stormed into the house.
Starting Little Red Riding Hood differently
It was a horrible day.
“Darling, take these cupcakes to your sick grandmother.”

“But Mama, I’m busy.”

“Do it. Now.”
After slicing the stomach of the disgusting creature, out popped the intestines and two blood-soaked screaming ladies.

Let me tell you what had led to this.
Starting Little Red Riding Hood differently
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Ways to hook your readers
What about the ending?
Is it not important?
1. Summing up
And that's how Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and thereafter lived happily ever after.
2. A surprise
So Harry was actually Harriet and she became the greatest witch of all time.
3. A death or end of something
And Voldemort turned into a pile of ashes and Hogwarts was saved.
4. The achievement of a goal
Harry and Ginny married and they had ten children to form a Quidditch team.
5. Opening sentence used as closing
Who is to know that the young boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs would become the greatest wizard of all time?
Short Sentence
Create Curiosity
Ask a question
Vivid Descriptions
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