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Stereotypes in Media


Rachel Lee

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes in Media

Stereotypes in the Media By Rachel Positive Female Stereotypes Negative Female Stereotypes Loyal Positive Male Stereotypes Chauvinists Negative Male Stereotypes Multi-tasks Motherly Gossips Sex Symbols Shopaholics Crazy Intelligent Independent Elegant Charming Leaders Determined Tough Rick's Man Tutorials- WongFuProductions Funny Playboy Perverted Lazy Business woman Dumb Blondes Victims Aggressive Villains Why does the mass media portray women as such? Homemaker: To sell household products to them- they responsible for making everyday purchases Beautiful: To sell body and face cosmetics, and to promote having a healthy lifestyle Sex symbols: To attract men to buy these products (eg. video games, movies, etc.) Gossips: To hold the attention of the audience in movies (a film industry trick) Dumb blondes, shopaholics: For comedy purposes in the media Victims: Part of story lines in the media- to make men look like the heroes Why does the mass media portray men as such? Loyal: Encourage men to serve their nation Tough: Leaders: To sell more 'rugged' items to them and make them seem 'manly' so that they can protect those they love Feminists would say that it's a patriarchal society and that the men want to keep it that way
They also make more rational problems if they think it through Funny, lazy, Casanovas: For comedy purposes in the media Charming: To attract women to watch men in films, etc.
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