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Prezi Presentation Inservice February 2012

No description

Nick Krahn

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation Inservice February 2012

Engage Your Audience With Prezi!
Why Prezi?
Automatically Saves!
Share Your Prezi Online in an Online Meeting or Collaborate in a Prezi with others
Print/Save Your Prezi as a PDF
Need Help?
It saves automatically when you exit!
"Home" shows you your entire body of work in one view. VERY helpful if you get lost.
Zoom In/Out. Making objects different sizes shows importance in your presentation
This starts your Prezi in Show format.
Includes shapes (arrows), pictures, videos, graphic organizers, and other files (Word, Powerpoint and PDF)
Frames help you organize your information.
The Path is your show. Choose path and set your items in the order you want them presented.
Colors and Fonts offer various designs for your Prezi. Choose a premade one or make your own.
The Add button offers predesigned Frames to help you organize your information.
Visually Stimulating
Design Friendly
Works with how people think
Prezi puts
in control of how your presentation looks!
What is Prezi?
A tool to create more visually oriented presentations
Use text, images and video to map out ideas.
Break away
boring linear
Prezi in the classroom
Present information in a non-linear format
Take your students from
Point A
Point E
Point R
Point B
Point Z
Project Portfolios
Mapping Activities!
In-Class Discussions!
Showing Relationships
The Prezi Zebra Wheel
Inner Wheel
Moves Object
Middle Wheel
Changes Size
Outer Wheel
To find this presentation online visit:

Contact Me:

Here you will find this Prezi, student examples and tutorials to help you get started.
Prezi Path
Sort Your Slides Here
The numbers show the order.
Simply click on a new item to add it to the path.
Click and drag the buttons to add new items to the middle of your path
Upload documents to complete student portfolios!
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