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Multimedia Library Management System

Third year project seminar slides

Omar Farooq Ilyas

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia Library Management System

Multimedia Library
Management System by Omar Farooq Ilyas
Supervised by Dr Liping Zhao Third Year Project About the project real users self-proposed project real-world application client organization Problems - Incompatible format

- Massive amount of random data

- Minimum information about the content VHS capture
device /\/\ /\ /\ /\ \/ \/ \/\/ 11010100110101001010111 Data analysis Multimedia Library meta-data Labels & disk image Back-end Front-end Production Project overview Print labels System objectives Import - allow analysis of video files and capture clips Attach meta-data to the events and store them in a digital library. Allow to browse through or search the library Publish media online to the web-based system Burn disk images to disk (DVD/CD) (extension) Synchronization between online and offline media
Storage of media
Integration of existing system Summary The project problem Major technical challenges Gantt Chart Overview The aim of the project
The project problem
Project overview
System objectives
User requirements
Technical challenges
Progress so far
Project plan
Conclusion Out-dated media format But contains valuable content Requirements Documentation Domain classes of the system library Developing library system to manage multimedia files. Consist of a stand-alone system and a web-based system Subtleties involved in this architecture Completed initial designing phases
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