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Hungarian Gastronomy

No description

Bodri Kutya

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Hungarian Gastronomy

Hungarian Gastronomy First courses Hungarian "Szalámi" The company was founded in 1869 by Pick Márk Second courses "Gulyás" Soup The person who look after the cows on the plain. The "Gulyás" is an old Hungarian profession The history of the soup Main ingedients are: 3 different kind of meat
(pork, beef, lamb)
Paprika Stuffed Cabbage "Bundáskenyér" Bread covered with egg "Töltött Káposzta" Stuffed Cabbage Fisherman's Soup "Paprikás Krumpli" or Potato with paprika Cooked meat with onion and spices "Pörkölt" "Székelykáposzta" Transylvanian Cabbage Székelykáposzta "Kocsonya"
It's like a pudding made by meat soup Desserts "Kürtőskalács" The preparation Mini Kürtőskalács Pancake of Gundel "Dobos" Cake The confectioner Dobos József made it firstly in 1884
It has a 100 different types and it's famous all over the world Paprika from Kalocsa Tradition and the best quality Raw material for a lot of different products "Piros Arany" which means Red Gold The Hungarian "Paprika" Hungarian "Pálinka" A spirit which can be made of different kinf of fruits Gönci Barack pálinka It comes from Gönc (city)
It's made of local apricots

The bottle is made of porcelain from Hollóháza

The porcelain is very valuable, the trophy for the winner of the Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix was made of this kind of porcelain Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum
"Wine of Kings, King of Wines"
(King Louis XIV of France) Tokaji Aszú Dessert wine Tokaji Aszú
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