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My Friend Douglass

No description

Courtney Costello

on 3 March 2018

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Transcript of My Friend Douglass

Look at the Close Reader p 43-48.
-What image do you see?
-What are the tasks you are being asked to complete?
Look at each vocabulary word.
-Find the word in the text and read the sentence.
-Use the text and http://dictionary.reference.com to help determine the part of speech of each word.
-Record the part of
speech and definition
on your paper.

Determine Type of Writing
-Review the Level Up: Biographies
-Review p 148 (top) in textbook
- http://www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com/readingliterature/genres/biography/Biography_Elements.pdf

Determine Purpose for Reading
As you read, notice the cause and effect relationships in the text.

WHY is this an effective way to organize the text?
Activate Prior Knowledge
Frederick Douglass
-Poor and self educated
-An abolitionist (1)

A Biography by Russell Freedman
Pre-Reading Strategies: My Friend Douglass
After looking at the Activate Prior Knowledge and Previewing the passage, what do you predict it will be about?
What will we learn about Frederick Douglass?
What will we learn about Abraham Lincoln?

Record your answer predictions on your paper.
Make Predictions
Pose Questions
-Review the Level Up: Cause and Effect
-Review p 148 (bottom) in textbook
-Scroll through to see different cause and effect graphic organizers http://www.enchantedlearning.com/graphicorganizers/causeandeffect/

(the tasks you complete as you read should help you answer these questions)
After previewing the passage in your Close Reader, think of three questions you wanted answered while reading.

Record these questions on your paper.
1. abolitionist-person who fights to end slavery
Close Reader p 43-48
The Civil War in 1865
-Confederate Army was mostly defeated.
-The Union occupied most of the South
-The Emancipation Proclamation (freed slaves in the Union occupied South) has occurred two years early
-At the end of the year the 13th Amendment would abolish slavery.

Abraham Lincoln
-16th President
-President during the Civil War
-Had issued the Emancipation Proclamation
Civil War Timeline: http://www.historyplace.com/civilwar/
(SKIP) Civil War Soldiers http://www.history.com/interactives/civil-war-150#/who-they-were

(USE) http://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war/black-civil-war-soldiers
Emancipation Proclamation: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/featured_documents/emancipation_proclamation/
Read the background in the Close Reader on p. 43
Reread the Background on p 43 of the Close Reader
Scroll down to the writing
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