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The Color Purple: The Relationship of Harpo and Sofia

No description

Nao Hang

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of The Color Purple: The Relationship of Harpo and Sofia

Harpo and Sofia
Their Marriage Relationship
The Color Purple: The Relationship of Harpo and Sofia
By: Nao Hang

Mr.'s Son
The eldest son in the family
Married to Sofia
Not like other men, he does chores at home
Try to dominate his wife

Strong and outspoken Women
Harpo's Wife
Feminist women
Feminist woman
Out Spoken and strong
Harpo's Wife
Harpo felt for Sofia at church.
Harpo character begin to develop feelings.
Harpo intended to marry Sofia.
While thinking about marriage, both characters show they are becoming adult.
Mr. disapproves their marriage.
Mr. disapproval made Harpo and Sofia relationship stronger.
Whereas Sofia got pregnant.
She confronts Mr. that she is pregnant with Harpo's child.
And made Harpo worry. He didnt know if he can be with Sofia because his father was so against their relationship.
They eventual got married.
Their marriage lead them to adulthood.
Sofia character was different then what Harpo excepted it.
She speaks back and disobey Harpo. Her character show the development of intimidated.
Harpo believes his relationship with Sofia wasn't as like his father relationship with Celie. Which he admired his father relationship.
His father is a stereotypical dominate man. Who abused his wife and neglect his children.
Harpo character begin to show violence.
To where he asks Mr. and Celie for advice toward his relationship. Both of them told him to abuse his wife.
He begins to depend his relationship with his father's and Celie's advice.
Harpo attempted to use violence on Sofia but instead he gets beat up by Sofia every time they fight.
Causing both characters driving crazy. Harpo lost his happiness relationship with Sofia and Sofia lost her loyalty to Harpo.
With Harpo having no success beating up Sofia, he begins to eat a lot and tries to gain strength.
Harpo develops an eager character.
When Sofia realizes Harpo's plan as he trying to grow big and dominate her, Sofia left Harpo with their children.
While seeing Harpo bad attitude and getting mistreated, Sofia begin to lose feeling for Harpo.
While Sofia left Harpo, he begins to renovate the house to a juke joint and meet a new lover, Squeak.
Harpo has hope he can control Squeak not like Sofia.
Renovate his home means he willing to change his character and start a new.
On a day Sofia came to the junk joint with her new lover, Buster and she finds out that Harpo had a new lover. She slaps and beat Harpo's new lover, Squeak.
This show the jealousy Sofia have on Harpo.
While Harpo tires to gain strength, Sofia had taken more of role at home as which she wears Harpo's trouser.
This represent as Sofia now have control at home.
Not only did she get physically involved with Squeak but also to the mayor and the mayor's wife. The mayor had ask if Sofia wants to become their maid and she stated back "Hell no". Her character slowly to dominant everyone.
Causing her in prison time and spending her time to maid the mayor's family.
The time Sofia severed at the prison and the mayor's house she begins to lose her dignity and power.
She was forced to work and her personality begin to change throughout.
After 12 years, Sofia was released and finally realize her down faults.
She came back home and reconciled with Harpo.

Harpo also found that he couldn't leave the love he had with Sofia.

Toward the end of the Color Purple, both character had develop a healthier mutual relationship
Summarize relationship
Summarize Harpo and Sofia relationship
Their relationship struggle persistently through fighting for control.
Harpo character give us the impression to a prominent man rather than the other men in The Color Purple.
On the other side, Sofia represents women of empower, if other women in the novel had the same intention to fight back like Sofia than men wouldn't show so much of their domination.
Compare to other relationship in the novel, Harpo and Sofia relationship was the hope to make an indifference to the others.
When Harpo decided to take his father's advice.
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