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that thing lara croft

No description

jessica jones

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of that thing lara croft

That thing Lara croft documentary this documentary is a expository documentary that uses a mix of teqnikes to attract there target audience the thems to this documentery are all about lara croft and the gaming indistary and about feminism and the representation on woman the naritive structure to this documentary starts with the fist muinte as setting the scene witch explains who lara crof actually is the middle of the documentary explains more information about games and film and to end it there is information to tell the audiance how famous lara has become. the camera work used in this documentary changes when it comes to interviews as they become allot more into close ups there is allso some panning round camera work that shows people playing the vidio games and nthere is allot of close ups for head shots. the mise-en-scene used in this documentary is mainly done of a green screen witch makes it look like vidios are going on in the background of interviews the sound used is a male voice over because its all about computer games and they are talking about how lara croft it the perfect woman there is allso non digetic sound added in witch gives it energy and keeps the audiance interested the music changes as they go onto another subject and talk about madonna so they play her music in the background to back up the info being said the editing is verry fast paced because this matches the pace of the computer games there is alot of zooming in on the interviews and it gets speeded up to make it more interested there is allso alot of cutterways of the vidio game to back up what there saying there is a little bit of archive material of the vidio game and of people waiting out side shops to buy it this ofen gets used as proof to back up information the graphics used are toomb rador games they also create a computer screen around somones head for an interview and there is white text in the bottom left hand corner to tell the audiance who is who
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