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Reading Your Destiny

The Art and Culture of Palm Reading

Adrienne Shoots

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Reading Your Destiny

Earth Hand: Broad square fingers and palms, with rough skin

Fire Hand: Square or rectangular palms with pink skin or flushed skin

Air Hand: Long fingers with square or rectangular palms and dry skin

Water Hand: Short oval shaped palms with long flexible conical fingers Lines on the Palm Interpretation

Heart Line
The heart line curves upward to end between middle and index finger A caring and understanding personality
The heart line curves to end below the index finger An adventurous and artistic personality
The heart line is straight A selfish personality

Head Line
The head line curves downwards A sensitive personality with inclination towards fantasy and literature
Head line curves upwards towards the little finger An aptitude for Maths, Business Studies and Logic
Broken head line or no head line Has varying interests or a specialist in certain fields respectively

Life Line
Life line that curves completely around the thumb Good physical and mental health
A lifeline that is forked upwards A positive attitude towards life
A lifeline that is forked downwards A pessimist and an introvert

The Destiny or Fate Line
Absent fate line A comfortable but uneventful life ahead
Fate line that is unbroken and runs straight across A successful life ahead
A fork in the destiny line Indicates a great amount of wealth in store A Mount is - a certian location on the Palm

* Mount of Venus: Located below the thumb
Signifies love, beauty and artistic sense

* Mount of Jupiter: Located below the index finger
Signifies fortune, leadership skills and a bent towards education and religion.

* Mount of Saturn: Located below the middle finger
Signifies patience, hard work and practicality

* Mount of Apollo: Located below the ring finger
Signifies energy, creativity and compassion

* Mount of Mercury: Located at the base of the little finger
Signifies business skills, wit and versatility

*Luna Mount or Mount of the Moon: Located at the lower part towards the end of the palm
Signifies creativity, passion and shyness Hand Type/Shape Hand Lines Mounts Reading Your Destiny! Palm Reading Basics Palm Readers examine: Shape

Size Fingers Mounts What does your palm say about you???
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