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Library Etiquette

Library manners and rules that promote a safe and purposeful environment for staff and students

Ellen Reusch

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Library Etiquette

Howe-Manning Library
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Voice level is at 0 when teacher or classmate is talking
Voice level is at 1 during book selection and group work
Absolutely no yelling voices allowed
Voice Levels
Library Etiquette
Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking
Do not interrupt
3 Blurt Alerts result in loss of privilege!
Be an active listener
Participate Respectfully
Use respectful, polite words
Give others their personal space
Have a special, safe place at home to keep library books
Keep books away from younger children or pets
Do not write or highlight in library books
Do not bend or "dog ear" the pages
Transport books to and from school in your backpack to protect them from inclement weather
Book Care
Oh NO!
May check-out two books at a time
Due in two weeks from check-out
Return library books on time
"The Way We Behave at the Library"
Enter the library in an orderly fashion
Quietly WALK to the stadium seating area
Move about the library slowly and carefully
Use materials for what they are intended
Keep hands and feet to self
Keep legs of chairs on floor
After asking permission, record name, location, and time out in sign out book
Record time in sign out book when you return
ALWAYS ask permission
before leaving the library area!
What happens when I break the rules?
Verbal Reminder
Loss of Privilege
Behavior Alert goes home to be signed by parent
Visit / Conference with Principal
Think about others' feelings before you speak or act
Use words and actions that help others feel good about themselves
Offer to help others
Be Kind
Come to the library ready to learn
Participate in class discussions and complete assignments
Give your best effort
Pushing, Running, Rough-Housing
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