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No description

kamie beck

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of KENYA

Climate of Kenya
70 to 80 degrees year around; 5 inches of rain a year and 7 to 10 hours of sun.
Famous people
Malaika Firth was born march 23, 1992 she is famous because she is a model.

Neighbors to Kenya
Infant death rate in Kenya
Unfortunately there is a lot of infant death in Kenya,20% die from indirect causes like dieng in your sleep,8% other direct causes like getting hit by a car,
25% severe bleeding, 15% infections, 12% elcampisia, 8% obstructed labour, and 13% abortion.

Kenya's flag
78% of Kenyans are celebrating relgion today.
Uhuru Kenyatta is the governer he makes all the laws and decideds how they are made.
Uganda is west of Kenya ,Somalia is east,Tanzania is south and last but not least Ethiopia is north
by Kamie Beck
Native plants and animals
Lions are very neat , Lions are a big part of Kenya's food chain.
Jute mallows are also very important and can be used for many things one being for medication.
Hope you enjoyed!!!!
Important customs in Kenya
The wedding ceremony is celebrated at the grooms house or land.
Lions eat meat and maybe a few berries.
As you can see the plant is green with a litttle yellow or white flower, somtimes even purple.
Masi Mara
Masi Mara is a national reserve in Kenya, it has lots of national wild animals
Lake> Victoria and the Indian >
Ocean are also beside Kenya!
lions are a orangy yellow color.
lake Turkana is in Kenya also.
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