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UNHCR Innovation

A brief overview of UNHCR Innovation's role, strategy and work methodology

Rocco Nuri

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of UNHCR Innovation

Strategy What's
Innovation Goal Method iLabs iFellows
Programme Who's
innovations existing
innovators within
UNHCR to time
resources and
knowledge EXPLORE
knowledge and
existing outside
UNHCR Home Energy Self-reliance Link Learn The iFellows programme
is based on a network of
brilliant UNHCR staff
members at HQs and in the
field who help resolve
field-identified challenges
through their skills,
qualifications and experiences Enhance
refugees' protection
and dignity 1. Defining
field challenges 2. Identifying solutions 3. Testing
of solutions 4. Refining
of solutions 5. Scaling
the solutions It represents the fundamental building blocks
of emergency assistance: shelter, food, water,
health and sanitation It complements UNHCR's new livelihoods approach,
helping to create sustainable livelihoods for refugees It concerns the ways in which refugees
connect with each other, with UNHCR
and with the outside world It represents an emergency pillar through
which UNHCR innovation looks at ways
refugees' education can be broadened and
enriched It brings together our activity around sustainable and renewable energy for lighting, cooking and powering technology www.facebook.com/UNHCRInnovate www.twitter.com/unhcrinnovation For more information, please contact Communications Officer Rocco Nuri at NURI@unhcr.org REFUGEES

They are the 'original innovators' forced to adapt to a new a new environment and rebuild their lives iFELLOWS

Talented UNHCR staff members provided with the resources, connections, and knowledge to think, create, innovate PARTNERS

We like to explore opportunities outside UNHCR and connect to the wealth of knowledge that private companies, academic institutions and other organizations can offer iTEAM

The iTeam is the heart of UNHCR Innovation. We champion UNHCR innovators by creating space for the development of novel solutions, connecting people to resources and knowledge, and facilitating the innovation process both within and outside of UNHCR. The iTeam identifies potential iFellows and innovation projects and makes first contact with field offices to offer support. iCOORDINATION GROUP

Comprised of staff from across the organization, the iCoord provides updates on the work of UNHCR Innovation, share problems, ideas, think through proposed solutions to field-identified challenges and endorse new projects A multi-year initiative looking for more efficient, effective and creative solutions to challenges faced by refugees across UNHCR operations worldwide www.plus.google.com/unhcrinnovation Stay connected to UNHCR Innovation
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