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Elena Aronova CV


Елена Аронова

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Elena Aronova CV

Elena Aronova CV
Multimedia content
Internet sales
What does Prezi get if it hires me?
1 волна
2 волна
3 волна
4 волна
5 волна
purchased by citizens of
12 countries
The legal status of software is very important in these countries’ law systems. If it is correctly legalized for commercial use, there will be a lot of paid corporate accounts of Prezi.
I actively and timely answer the questions of the users at my website and via email. I have consulted more than 500 users in 2014
I can promote Prezi to commercial companies (especially those working in marketing or design) and organize trainings in different forms (seminars, conferences, presentations, webinars, workshops).
Trainings in various forms for schools, universities and institutes
• I can present Prezi to 1000 new persons everyday via my website, trainings and public speeches
5 liters of petrol
2172 turnover
around the Earth
if there was progress engines the same rate...
Different resources I use to promote Prezi:
You Tube
How do I use these resources:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Russian internet users
Internet-Service in e-learning prezi...

Video calling
10 Гб +
The capacity of educational information in the clouds
100 Гб
50 Гб
25 Гб
50 Гб
15 Гб
public settings
You can copy and supplement
15 Гб +
1 Тб
1 Тб
for education
Video Hosting
Availability prezi
trainings and webinars
Corporate trainings
• More paid accounts on prezi.com
• An opportunity to sell Prezi software via local trade networks in these countries
Already AT my site
Technical support and helpdesk for Russian-speaking users at my website
• Promotion of Prezi among the professionals
• Promotion of Prezi for educational purposes
548 responses in just
6 months
Among 30 thousand subscribers of my website http://prezi-narusskom.ru/ there are people from:
You can see visiting statistics
at my website
it was a joke :)
love prezi as well!
The volume of educational information
by prezi "in the clouds"
Author's concept of accessibility training
personal consultation
independent entry in the table
Web-portal with a system of educating tasks with feedback
(brandook and sample presentation are looked as educating models)
Group consultations take place during training (from planning to final slides)
User guide with pictures in pdf format
Consulting support from lecturer
for 30 days after training is included
Also I organize the exhibition of my students’ best works.

All this can be seen on the Internet, on this website: http://antitreningi.ru

There are several levels of cloud trainings:
Commercial level:
training for freelancers and employed professionals
User level:
training for students and professors
Free level:
free training

Free training OF more than 1500 people
video tutorials checking homework and examples
Skype-chat groups
there was a training courses for advertising agency “Shag”
there was a training courses for a children education company “Anoshka”
there was a training courses for tradehouse “Petrovich”
there was a training courses for pharmaceutical company “Nutricia”

• The installation of screen capturing software
• Correct set up of the software
• Video capturing
• Video editing
• Sound editing
• Compilation
• Export to video format
• Upload to a video hosting website
Multimedia content
Training courses on converting prezi project into video formats
I have been working for 15 years as pre-sales manager selling complex software equipment and have learned to use internet-marketing methods for successful sales
Here are recommendations from management of the company, where I am currently working
(my contract is near-end at the moment):
Here are comments and reviews from my students, whom I trained to use Prezi
and also:
For regularly taking part in different educational event organized by the Sate I have received two prestigious awards:
I kindly ask you to consider me for a position of regional representative of Prezi Inc. in Russian-speaking community (at least 12 countries)
Because I have been a loyal fan of Prezi since the beginning of the project!

This year I understood that the best thing I have done in my life is that I have discovered Prezi to many people. With the help of this software somebody has found a new job, somebody has managed not to get sacked, somebody has got a promotion and somebody has started to earn his living making presentations - all this became possible due to my courses and trainings.

I have understood that Prezi is the instument that improve people's lives.
The company that created Prezi is the best company in the world.

And I want to work with people, who try to improve our future
I kindly ask you to consider me for a position of regional representative of Prezi Inc. in Russian-speaking community (at least 12 countries)
Skills and qualifications:

Bachelor of Science
MBA Diploma (Strategic management and IT)
The experience of working as CEO for 3 years in federal level e-commerce company
Professional understanding of e-commerce and promotion of complex software products (8 years of experience in promoting software for speech recognition, speech sythesis, verbal and modal biometrics)
15 years of experience working with visualization content (practically all graphic editors, various audio and video editors)
Understanding of effective business models for e-commerce
knowledge of vendors and resellers of software on the market and understanding of the basis of their work
Clear idea of possible ways of presenting and promoting Prezi in the Internet.
The experience of completing complex and massive commercial projects in the Internet
The experience of penetrating the market with educational software products
Great management skills, strategic thinking, leadership, presentation and analytical skills. I am a result-oriented person, workaholic, stress-tolerant and a great team player
Please appoint a Skype-interview with me

any day
Thank you for your attention!
Examples of prezi projects:
My prezi was the
most popular
for 19 days
 Belarus
 South Ossetia
 Russia
 Transnistria
  Kazakhstan
 Ukraine
 Kyrgyzstan
 Abkhazia
 Moldova
 Gagauzia

My website: http://prezi-narusskom.ru/
Skype- chat
3) Discussion platforms
1) Information and training
2) Commerce and communication
Cloud training – it is my training program. Training has software basis, is accessible by Internet, all the modules are video lessons accompanied by text, with the possibility of feedback. The training combines regular group lessons as well as personal consultations
any time
Dmitry Belevitin
Head of Biometrical Products Department
Speech technologies centre.
Phone Number: +7 (812) 325-8848 ext 6754

Elena is one of those person, whom you can completely rely upon. You can give her any project and don’t worry about the result – everything coming from her working PC is colorful, thrilling and precisely meets the requirements
Head of projects department.
Speech technologies centre.

I would like to recommend Elena as a perfect expert in terms of verbal and information technologies. The content made by Elena is always interesting and informative. Her presentations contain all the relevant information. Every project she worked on has great presentation documents. She is hard-working, committed, and always meets deadlines. She never provokes conflicts and it is a pleasure to work with her, as you always can be sure, that all the problems will be solved, and the job will be done perfectly and well before the deadline.
Patrick Ravaldini
Head of programmers department.
Speech technologies centre.
Phone Number: +7 (812) 325-8848 ext 6768

Elena is vivid and joyful person, a pleasure to work with. Her first presentations were a real boom in the company: we had not seen anything like that before. Neither had our clients and our rivals. The marketing department of Speech Technologies Centre gained leading positions in the industry due to her work and our company became regarded as one of the best. Elena is a very valuable marketing professional
Yuri Semenov
Senior Manager of Biometrical Products Department
Speech technologies centre.
Phone Number: +7 (921) 421-0049

Elena is unbelievably reliable person, who adores her job, always does her best.
All the presentations and videos made by Elena are well organized, beautifully designed, logically completed and correct. Everyone working with her material praises the top level of her work.

Alexey Khitrov
Strategic development officer/Founder
Speech technologies centre.
Phone Number: +7 812 325 88 48 ext 6730

Elena Aronova is an example of energetic, responsible and creative employee. All the projects she has worked on were completed perfectly, interestingly and timely. If you need a presentation to impress the customer, Elena will do it better than anybody. Her commitment is unbelievable. If required, Elena is ready to work extra hours till midnight and even more. To complete the job before deadline and to make it professionally is top priority for her.

I would like to draw attention to her technical skills as well. Elena is acquainted with a number of marketing technologies and knows perfectly where to use any of them.

I sincerely recommend Elena as a wonderful employee and a person, who can improve any group
Julia Khitrova
Speech technologies centre.

I consider Elena to be creative and proactive employee, who were always ready to jump at difficult projects with enthusiasm. During her work in Speech Technologies centre she has learned how to use new technologies and different approaches to promoting innovative products
Sales manager
Speech technologies centre.

I am very disappointed that Elena is leaving our company. I can give her only positive reviews. During the years of working in our companies she has helped me a lot of times, when we have to urgently prepare documentation or presentation for our clients.
In her every document or presentation you can feel professional approach. I can state without doubt that Elena is a true professional
Training format:
individual and group

Resources: mobile text messages, email remainder forms with subscribe form like this:

with link to:

and with feedback form like this:

Cloud files storages
Video calls
Video conferences
Video consultations (p.e. http://youtu.be/24wZdmIW9rw)

Why do I want work at Prezi Inc.?
I am capable of doing this, has relevant experience
The Company’s materials are used for the training process
I have turned to Elena for assistance in presentation preparation severla times. I can praise her high level of Prezi skills, good taste and permanent search of new decisions, which combined result in a bright and impressive presentation. What is more, I would like to state that Elena posses an important skill to adapt her presentation to the style of speaker and to suggest those decisions, that are easy to understand for him.
Her ability to work very intensively and to make amendments to her presentation at any time are priceless when deadline is close
Kirill Levin
Head of Innovation department
Speech Techologies Centre
Alexander Belozerchik,
Vice Head of Product Development Department
Elena was invited to join Speech Techologies Centre when she had already become a professional in terms of promoting complex technological products and services in the field of speech technologies. In fact the high quality of her marketing materials, uploaded online, convinced the company to make her a job offer.

Elena was responsible for preparation of marketing info and documents, mostly on the Voice Navigator product, Elena perfectly understands the business importance of the products and the requirements of the clients. These very qualities allow her to find the best approach to the presentation of complex, multi layer material. Her qualifications allow her to prepare a full set of commercial documents, starting from presentation or promo-video to commercial offer, from a magazine article to educating video lessons.

I would like to point out Elena's several skills and achievements:
- preparation of product essay for Crystal Headset contest. As a result, Voice Navigator was considered as the best product in the industry.
- profound knowledge of Prezi software and preparation of great presentations and educating materials
- the unique 3D presentation technology. She presented such presentation on CallCenter World Forum in 2012.

Elena is proactive, creative, and can point out the most important part in her presentations. She is able to work very intensively, I'd say super intensively, if needed.
In 2014
… … (Administrator, “Anticrisis” web studio)
Currently I am completing the second (free) part of the master class on Prezi presentation creation. I cannot keep silent – Elena is a super-teacher! I am impressed how she can deliver information in a simple and easy to understand way and how detailed every lesson and every homework is. There is no need to ask any questions! It is the first time I see somebody to present information systematically and logically. Respect for your work, Elena, I am super impressed. Thank you for training! Everyone should take these trainings!

I am planning to develop professionally with the growth of the company
Yulia Boitzova (Head of advertisement department, “Beeline” mobile operator):
Elena, you have inspire me to use prezi and to earn money due to personal commitment, creative approach, energy and being self-assured. You seems to be tireless, energetic and very sincere.
It is unbelievable, but my intuition told me to complete your training, no matter what the price were. I have no regrets and the skills I obtained allowed me to cover the costs easily. I am very grateful!
Prezi - training is accessible via Internet
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