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Emerging Trends in eCommerce

Group Buying, Private Sales and Mobile

Josh Wais

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Emerging Trends in eCommerce

Emerging Trends in eCommerce Group Buying, Private Sales and Mobile Dan Baker, Adriano Blanaru, Akash Shah, Josh Wais Group Buying History Mobshop and Mercatta: high profile failures after the burst of internet bubble

Rebirth in 2008 with a new model: local daily deals – Groupon Business Models Group Deals: explosive growth in the last 12 months
Local business marketing tool – competes with Yodle, not with Woot
Groupon, the ‘giant’, just raised $135M in VC (on a $1.2bn valuation)
Monetization: marketing fee (% of sales of deals)

Demand aggregation: not a lot of traction in the western world.
Works well in China mixing online and real life Competitive Landscape Private Sales History Started in France with vente-privee.com in 2001
Estimated 2009 revenues: $750M

Gained form in the US in 2007/2008 with Gilt Groupe, Ideeli, HauteLook
Market Overview Major players in the US:
Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, Ideeli, RueLaLa, Beyond the Rack

Combined 2010 revenues: approximately ~$800M

Growth of offerings outside the clothing space: spa and vacation packages, travels, other luxury goods
Business Model Straight-forward model: selling goods at markup
Buy overstock items from brands/designers at deep discount
Promote timed deals (or until out of stock)
Great production of sales (pictures in the site), sense of exclusivity and urgency
Competitive Landscape Future Trends Increasing debate about excess inventories and the end of recession
Can this model thrive in a sound economy?

Growth in number of competitors may be short-lived
Competition for same customers and inventory should cause consolidation and/or death of some of the contenders in the market
Mobile History Legacy mCommerce model dominated by ringtones, wallpapers and games

Low purchasing friction given carrier billing integration Market Overview Mobile transactions transitioning towards content, apps and virtual goods ("Mobile 2.0")

High willingness-to-pay on mobile translating into significant eCommerce opportunity

Some startups begining to push the sale of physical products over mobile
Postabon mCommerce Market Size Future Trends Real world transactions will grab a share of overall eCommerce market Questions? Future Trends Move towards hyper-local deals

Growth of aggregators + development of recommendation algorithms Low Willingness-to-Pay Online High Willingness-to-Pay on Mobile Emergence of the Connected Consumer due to the rise of social media and ubiquitous mobile devices

Increased comfort shopping online

Economic recession leading to excess inventories, consumers shopping for deals and market disruption Key Take-Aways Drivers of eCommerce Innovation...
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