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Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt"

No description

Jolie Mitchell

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt"

2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Context Clues 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Bellringer: Answer the following questions in several complete sentences. 1. What technology would be the
most difficult for you to live without?
2. Do children grow up faster now than
children of the past? How? Why?
3.Are we more lazy than ever because
of technology? How? Why?
4. Describe what you believe is the
perfect way to discipline children. Words to know:
5. Veldt: African Grassland
6. Imagery: 5 senses
7. Allusion:reference
8. Personification:inanimate
object gets person qualities
9. Irony: twist
10. Foreshadowing: clues that help
you predict the ending
11.Symbolism-when things stand for
something else 13. Remarkable how the nursery caught the telepathic EMANATIONS of the children's minds.

14. PREOCCUPIED, he let the lights glow softly on ahead of him, extinguish behind him as he padded the nursery door.

15. The book of logic contained many CONUNDRUMS--mind-exercising problems. 12. So, George Hadley, BEMUSED, watching the dining-room table produce warm dishes of food from its mechanical interior.

18. Make 4x4 bingo board and write one of the following in each box. As you read the story, give one example of each term. 1. Make a movie poster advertising the story.
2. Create and present a commercial warning parents about the effects of technology on children. Research the harmful effects of tv, video games, and so on.
3. Pretend you are the supern(m)anny. Write your analysis to help these children.
4. Pretend you are a prosecutor. What would you recommend to the courts for these children. Research current laws about underage children and crime.
5. Pretend you are a real estate agent trying to sell "the perfect room." Create a brochure selling it. "THE VELDT"
by Ray Bradbury Find and correct the following errors.
16. On Friday Sarah Boly district superentendant of teaching and learning signed off on keeping Bradbury's The Veldt as part of the curriculum.
17. Despite a complaint from the parents of a student who thought its language and plot were inapropriate for students.
20.Summarize the story in three sentences.
21. Why did Ray Bradbury write this story?
22. What is the main problem in this story? How would you solve it?
23.Based on the tone of the selection, what best describes the author's attitude towards laziness?
24. What would be a better title for this story?
25. What effect do the lions have the story?
26. What effect does the sun have on the story?
27. Why does the author include details about Santa Claus or other children's stories.
28. What do you believe to be the cause of the violent crosscurrents between these children and their parents? POST WRITE CHOICES Define the following words. Story personification, setting, characterization, imagery, allusion, irony, tone, futuristic terms, onomatopoeia, number symbolism, imagery, sun symbolism, color symbolism, foreshadowing, difficult diction, name allusions, Your life 19. Draw two large circles and write two details in each section..
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