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ISS 210!

No description

Justin Orr

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of ISS 210!

The College Bound Refugee Program Mission Statement The goal of the College Bound Refugee program at the Refugee Development Center is to support refugee high school students with the resources required to attend an institution of higher education. Refugees have special needs including language support, financial aid, and academic tutoring. The College Bound Refugee program will provide services to help refugees transition into college life.
Needs Assessment According to an article produced by the Youth Action & Policy Association, young refugees require extra assistance with schooling and homework because their previous education may have been disrupted or even non-existent
The Facts Results show that Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians have the lowest percentage of English proficiency
Caucasians have the highest rate of English proficiency. Results also show that Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians have the lowest rate of high school graduates. Japanese have the highest percentage of high school graduates. Percentage of people not proficient in English in the United States
Outcome Goals To have all of the students in the program successfully make it to their sophomore/second year of college.
To have students be able to locate necessary resources on their own.
To help students decide on a career path for the future.
To have students maintain a passing GPA their first semester of college.
Program Design This new program to be offered by the RDC will add on to the already existing programs for youth in the Lansing area. The program has the following goals.
Goal 1 To raise awareness of the educational opportunities available for refugee high school students beyond graduation Goal 2 To pair prospective refugee high school students with current college students at Lansing Community College or Michigan State University Goal 3 To design a curriculum for the prospective and current college students to go through to better prepare the applicant for entrance into higher education Goal 4 To provide the resources needed for accepted students to be successful in their first year of college Goal 5 To create a positive attitude towards higher education and highlight the benefits associated with it. Evaluation Design Evaluation of the program in the long term will be based on a measurement of the ratio of the number of clients who enter the program to those who remain enrolled in college and maintain a passing GPA for the duration of one year. Further evaluation will be based upon meetings with professors and staff regarding the student's performance Short-term evaluation will be based on the number of students enrolled in the program measured against the number utilizing the program resources such as tutorial or technological services on a weekly basis. Geographic and Demographic The program will provide service to 10 Students with refugee status in the Lansing community who will be active parts of the program from January 2011 while the students are still involved in high school, to December 2012 (the end of their first semester of college). Partners/Shareholders The program will be a partnership with the Refugee Development Center in Lansing, which will provide all “In Kind” items on the budget. Budget GANTT Chart Organizational Needs Staff Director Assistant Director Students Tutors Meetings Weekly staff meeting Monthly budget meeting Housing Office at Refugee Development Center in Lansing Office at Lansing Community College Weekly meeting with students Logic Model Helping the Students of Today Succeed in the World Tomorrow Program Curriculum Students and tutors will progress through the program by completing a curriculum designed to transition students from high school to college. Elements of the curriculum include: •College applications
•Writing of personal statement
•Use of educational technologies (such as ANGEL)
•College writing
•Research (including searching library databases)
•Study tips
•Transportation and places around campus
•Setting up advising appointments
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