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not for profit

No description

Rocio Ruelas Fimbres

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of not for profit

Business English 1 team #5 Metro 1_______ (be) the world's largest free newspaper. It 2___________(distribute) in major cities all over the world. It 3_________(start) by a Swedish businessman, and the idea 4___________(copy) in many other countries and cities. It5_________(make) its profit from advertising, and it has been very successful in recent years. It 6_________(give away) a underground stations. Commuters really 7_______(enjoy) it. In fact it has become so popular that one passenger 8__________(put) down a copy, it 9________(pick up) by someone else. ...and answer the question below 1. How did John Bird have the idea for the magazine?

2. How does the magazine help homeless?

3. Is the big issue a business or a charity?

4. Why has the magazine been so successful?

5. What poor business decision have caused the magazine's recent problems? 1. would you work for a
charity as a volunteer? 2. would you work for a
charity if you were paid? Not for Profit ! Reading grammar 3. what skills do you have which
could be useful for a charity ? Disagree I don't agree
I disagree can't decide I just don't know
I'm not sure Give opinion yes, but..
in my opinion...
as i see it .... ask for opinion what do you think about ...?
what's your view / opinion (on)...? agree you're right
I agree 1. what possibilities does she suggest?

2. which option does she prefer? words charity
sponsors sponsorship
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