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Magic Bow

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Magic Bow

This is the part where the boy that has a name of Ian shot the first bow to the creature and he killed him.
After the dinner I went to bed, after 20 minuets I fell a sleep. I had a dream about walking in a forest, I thought I was alone but I was wrong. I saw a big creature that had a shape of a spider but it was dangerous like a shark. I was so scared I shot it with the first bow then the creature died. How one shot can kill a creature I started wandering.
It was the second day where I got stuck somewhere where I wouldn't know. I woke up in a village somewhere in the place I didn't know. Then when I thought this village does not exist in real world. Then a parson came up to me he was not like a normal parson the I wanted take out my bow thinking this person was a danger, but my bow was gone,then I started to look around I saw my bow in a chair with all the bows. But she said I fell out a cliff. She was really surprised how did I survive. I stand up I felt really dizzy. I took my bow and opened a door, it was so shiny that my eyes started to hurt but I still walked with out walking. But that girl was walking behind me. I asked he why? Why is she following me she said something in another language that I don't know.
I woke up in a hospital, My mom said I had a very deep, deep dream that nothing could wake me up. I slept for ten hours. After that I had a normal life. It was like all of that didn't really happen!
I saw a light shinning far far away. I walked there the scary voice came. I was too scared to go there. Then I thought to myself should I go there, after 30 seconds I took all my braveness and took it and put it together and went there. The first thing I saw was a bow that was white and shinny, I took a close look at the boy and he said my name was Ian. I took the bow in my hand and felt I had a magic in my hand. Then a tiger came I had a fear of dying but luckily I had a bow in my hand I shot my second arrow. The arrow hit the tiger right in the leg but it didn't die. I was scared to kill him but I was ready to shot the third arrow I dint shot the arrow.
By: Rashid
Magic Bow
Magic Bow
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