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Cleaning up your phone list

Intranets2013 May 15 2013

Rebecca Jackson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Cleaning up your phone list

Intranets 2013
May 15 2013 Cleaning up your Phone List Rebecca Jackson
Intranet Specialist - Redevelopment Project Lead
Melbourne Water
@_rebeccajackson 850 employees
1700 people with MW email addresses
Up to 2500 including all contractors
Managing 9.4 billion in assets
Taking care of Melbourne's
water supply catchments
removal and treatment of sewage
rivers, creeks and major drainage
Scientists, engineers, operators
Strong organisational culture About us Why do it? Users not able to find people
Key systems not integrated
Disparate processes causing issues
Key projects reliant on good data Initial project scope Cleanse data
Integrate systems
Active directory
Org plus
Align with on/off-boarding processes
Update forms and processes to support quality data Project team Project lead (me)
Project coordinator
Business systems manager
Service delivery manager
Student placement Key stakeholder groups EAs and Team Coordinators
Customer Information Centre
IT Support
Internal Communications Scope and planning Development and testing Release More testing Release Post implementation review Communications and engagement Data cleanse Process 4 months work
Majority in BAU Outcomes 65% profiles complete (1100)
500 old profiles deleted
300 position title changes
Phone List and AD updated
Manual sync process in place What we did well Stakeholder engagement
Project coordination ...and not so well Project accountability
Time allowed for project 8 months later Further data cleanse
Actual sync of AD and Phone List
Working through integrity issues My advice Have an agreed plan and scope
Stakeholder engagement is key
Get roles and responsibilities clear
Have commitment from IT
Plan time for testing and re-work
Resource outside of BAU
Budget for technology improvements Stakeholder mapping Form data analysis and mapping Prioritising deliverables Reviewing submitted data for errors Approval process for key fields Processing data ready for upload Communicating process to staff Following up non-completes Troubleshooting and queries Wireframes Testing! Build Soft launch Troubleshoot issues Communicate with key stakeholders Review with project team and stakeholders Celebrate project conclusion Continuous improvement Form and process lock-down What next... New Intranet, new Phone List
Campaign to update profiles
Future projects to further integrate 97% of users access the intranet to use the Phone List
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