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Diamonds and Graphite- similarities and differences

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Zack Taheri

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Diamonds and Graphite- similarities and differences

Diamonds and Graphite- similarities and differences

Positive and Negative Consequences
Melting Points
Both diamond and graphite have very high melting points. In graphite as well as diamond their carbon atoms have strong covalent bonds. Making them both have very high melting points however they don't both have the same melting point graphite's melting point is slightly higher than diamond.
Name: Zack Taheri
Class: 9-2
Date: 28/11/2013
The major use of graphite is in the production of lead pencils of different strengths, by mixing it with different proportions of clay. The weakly held layers of carbon atoms in graphite easily slide over each other and are left behind on paper as black marks. Since graphite can be slippery it is used to like oil machine parts. Graphite has the ability to take fast moving neutrons, therefore, it is used in nuclear reactors to control the speed of the nuclear fission reaction and to help keep safety procedures for the nuclear reactors in the case of a nuclear breakdown.
Diamond is more dense than graphite. In graphite there are large spaces in between the layers making it less dense. In diamonds there are not as much of a space because of its covalent bonds and lattices also because of its tightly packed carbon atoms. Therefore making diamond have a higher density than graphite.
One World Factor (Economic)
Positive Effects (Economic)
The global diamond industry employs around 10 million people all over the world, including Africa. The vast majority of the world's diamonds come from sources that use the revenues generated by diamonds to aid their national development. Given good governance and appropriate laws, diamonds are a vital source of building infrastructure and necessary services such as hospitals and schools. Like I said before diamonds help increase the speed of the production of industrial companies and diamonds also help improve tools like drills and saws mainly because of there ability to resist high amounts of heat
Negative Effects
The negative effects of diamonds is not only the fact that it is a rare expensive gem and that the price for diamonds are rising constantly making it harder for industrial companies to afford them making it harder for industrial companies to produce materials faster but also it is affecting the governments because of greed diamonds are valuable minerals and because of this, many people want a piece of the profit made from diamonds. One problem is the smuggling or misreporting the origin of diamonds. For example in "In 2000, the Central African Republic allegedly exported 500,000 carats of diamond. The Economist wrote in the article that Antwerp’s Diamond Exchange reported the Central African Republic exported 900,000 carats. Where did the extra 400,000 carats originate? Was this a mistake? Can they both be correct?"
My Opinion (Economic)
In my opinion diamonds will be a great material for the economy in the future when there will be no more problems of misreporting or smuggling of diamonds and when the price of diamonds is stable ad will not increase at a great amount then many industrial companies will benefit greatly and expand and millions of people will get employed including people from Africa. Millons of people will have jobs meaning more people working at companies meaning faster productions which will then make an increase in the economy of the area or possibly the nation.
Diamonds have many uses, besides the common uses as jewelery since diamond is a gem and has a natural beauty. Since diamond is a very hard substance, diamonds are used in cutting and drilling in industry, they are embedded into drills and saws. As they are resistant to heat, diamonds are converted into membranes used in lasers, x-ray machines and vacuum chambers diamonds are used in oil rig companies a bit to help penetrate a layer of rock for oil since it is a very hard substance they typically put the diamond and the end of the drill.
Properties Of Graphite and Diamond
What Are The Uses Of Diamond and Graphite?
There are many positive effects of diamonds like the fact that it contributes in the improvement of the economy since helps a lot of industrial companies produce and get materials at a faster rate and diamonds have helped in the production of x-rays and also is converted into membranes which converted to lasers later on.
Negative effects of diamonds is not only the fact that it is a rare expensive gem and that the price for diamonds are rising but also it is affecting the environment in America there is a law stating that you must restore the land you searched for diamonds while in other countries there is no law for this affecting the animals who live in that environment and also makes the location look messy and unorganized
Conductors Of Electricity
Diamonds are bad conductors of electricity whereas graphite is a good conductor for electricity.
Electrical conducting requires moving electrons. Carbon atoms have 6 electrons 2 of these electrons are in the atoms inner shell also making it close to the nuclease meaning the electrons cannot move a great distance.
In diamond, each carbon atom is bonded to four others. In graphite however each carbon atom is only bonded to three others. In diamond these four electrons are locked into chemical bonds meaning that the electrons cannot move freely but in graphite the one electron is not in any bonds meaning it can move around freely making graphite able to conduct electricity.

Diamond Is Harder Than Graphite
Diamond is an gem of carbon in which the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation known as a diamond lattice. Diamond is the hardest gem as it is made up of tightly packed carbon atoms. Diamond has a three dimensional lattice (basically what makes it very hard) because of diamonds strength and endurance it is used in tools and it is even used at certain oil rig companies which stick some diamond at the end of the drill (Oil rigs in oceans) to help penetrate the ground to help get more resources diamonds are also used in oil rigs for their high resistance to heat since they have very high melting points
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