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Angna Patel

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Rebecca's Migration
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Which month were you born and which date and where did you migrate form?
Rebecca was born on 6th April 2001 she migrated from Durban , South Africa in 2008.
Why do you think Australia's a better place?
Rebecca said Australia is a better place because there is peace and quiet ,no war and its a free country with very less robbery.
What is your Background?
Have you been to Africa since you came to Australia?
Rebecca said she hasn't visited Africa since she came to Australia.
Important details................
Rebecca joined the scouts for
two years. she also loves peddle
boarding and riding her bike.
Thanks for watching!!!!!
By Angna Patel
Where did you Migrate and why?
Rebecca migrated to Adelaide, Australia because of war, robbery and wanted a better life and education.And they were also right in the middle of a tectonic plate in Africa.
Rebecca's background is Scottish,German and
Who did you travel with and what transport did you use?
Rebecca traveled with her Mum and her Dad however she left the rest of her family behind. She traveled by plane to Australia and had no trouble with visa.
Rebecca said it would be the same life style with war and robbery going on.
Predict what would happen if u didn't migrate?
Rebecca said it was okay they didn't have a best place to stay and no food or water supplies.
What was your first impression when you got to Australia?
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