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No description

Jere Cassidy

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of WODAABE

The Wodabbe Men
The Herdsman
The Dancer
Everyday life on the Sahara for the Wodaabe Tribe means tending their cattle
The Wodaabe men during the yaake dance. Dressed in the finest, showing off their white teeth and eyes.
The yearly yaake dance performance.
Herding their long horned cattle
The beauty of the Wodaabe women
Their beauty is deeper than their makeup
The women judge the beauty pageant and select the most beautiful man.
The Yaake dance
The Wodaabe marriages
The weekly camp move
People of the Taboo
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Presented by Jere' Cassidy, Milo Kovet & Charity Bliss
Muisic by Etran Finatawa
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