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Career Shadowing

Raniesha Battle!

Eisha Battle

on 5 April 2012

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Raniesha Battle Resource Ofiicer Fred Lewis The purpose of the company: To inforce laws ans help those in need of them. Where the company would be in fifteen years: The company of the officer Lewis from Sleepy Hill is going to be probably more stricter and more computerized also more technology.. Skills needed for the employment: Most of the skills needed for the empolyment is to be on time,have good handwritting skills,computer knowldege, dress neat,also having communtive skills.. Salary for Empolyment: The average salary for this job is 36,000 per year. Also you need to have a Police Academy Certification . Technology used at this job: The technology used for this job site is hand held radio,laptop,cellphone,State and National Database.. Skills needed: The skills needed for the part of the employ is having communication ,commen sense,knowledge of State, and pateince (which is really important).. Wildcats!! Jaguar's!! I WOULDNT REALLY PURSUE BEING AN OFFICER BECAUSE I LEARNED THAT IT IS HARD, AND REALLY DIFFICULT... The part that i liked,well loved was meeting new people and seeing old friends from Sleepy Hill, it was very exciting experience..
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