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Ceramics II_Tile and Wheel Throwing Unit

No description

Mike Brandt

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Ceramics II_Tile and Wheel Throwing Unit

Tile & Pottery Unit
Ceramics II
Wheel Throwing
Brainstorm Daily Activities
Tile Arrangement
Stacked Pot
3 Vases
Slab Roller
Tile Creation
Tile Creation
Tile Project
This is a device to easily roll out uniform slabs
20 Thrown Attempts
Create a pot thrown as 3 sections; scored and slipped together into a single pot.
Objective: 3 finished/glazed vases.
5 Mugs - trimmed with handles.
1. Get your wheel thrown work photographed each time your throw on the wheel- bring your ID
2. Work on the wheel whenever it is available.
3. Work on your tiles when wheels are not available.
4. You will have 4 weeks to complete this Unit

Tile Objectives: 6 tiles that represent a scene, or scenes from daily life.

Wheel Objectives: 20 Throwing Attempts, 1 stacked pot, 5 mugs, 3 vases.
Create a sketch of how all 6 tiles will look when arranged together.
Your tiles should be arranged in one of these configurations.
Tile Requirements
Create 6 Tiles
1/2" thickness
Uniform in size - Use the cutter tool
Straighten the edges
They should depict a scene, or scenes from daily life
Create a project Design
1. Sources: Artists/works/outside connections that inspire you? - at least 2 in cited in MLA.
2. Creative Process: How did you come up with these ideas?
3. Visual Sketch
4. Written Goal: How will you implement? Media, timeframe, technical outcome.
5. Risks you are taking:
6. Validation: Why would anybody care about this? Cultural relevance?
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