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The Maze Runner: Dystopian Society.

No description

Christopher Hassell

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner: Dystopian Society.

The Maze Runner: Dystopian Society
Why it's considered dystopian
The society in The Maze Runner is dystopian because the inhabitants are there against their own will. They were placed in the maze by the creators, who survey them constantly. There are things outside the walls waiting to hurt them, and eventually they try to escape.
A boy awakes in an elevator with no recollection of his life, other than his name, which is Thomas. When the elevator opens, he is greeted by a small society of other teenage boys, all around the age of 16.
The Beginning
The Illusion
The other boys all have the same symptoms. None of them have any memory, and Thomas soon discovers they have been in The Glade for two years with no idea how they got there. They have turned the place into a functioning society.
The Maze

Side Note: The Glade
The Glade is the place in which the boys call home. it is a large area surrounded be un-climbable stone walls that slide shut every night, to protect from the monsters outside.
What is a dystopia?
A dystopia is a society characterized by human misery, frightening and squalor. Dystopias include disease and oppression, usually, the leaders in the dystopia do their best to dehumanize the civilians.
The maze is what The Glade is located in. So far, none of the inhabitants have been able to find a way out.
The End
Hope you enjoyed, and we reccomend you get a copy of The Maze Runner for yourself!
The Maze
by: James Dashner
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