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Eta Phi Bios

No description

Zoe Colton

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Eta Phi Bios

Meet Eta Phi!
Joanna "Not Fun" Dressel
YOSUP! The most important thing about me is how excited I am to meet y'all! I pledged ZBeta the fall of my freshman year, which means I've been in Eta Phi for 6 wonderful semesters. APO is one of my favorite things about AU, and its been such a wonderful family to return to after my semester abroad in Nairobi, Kenya with several other bros. My favorite projects are Kenilworth, A Wider Circle, and Metro House. Other things I do at AU include living in Battelle, studying Sociology, talking about space use, maps, and 'the internet', as well as digging up local music to play on my WVAU radio show. I have one friend named Ariel and a beautiful little named Selaina (s/o to my abroad glittle McKinley!). HMU/LMS if you want to eat bagels and discuss rankings of Kanye West albums (correct #1s include 808s & Heartbreak and The College Dropout).
Allie Boyle
I am a junior in the Kogod School of Business studying Information Systems and Technology and Management. I am from New Jersey (I know it must come as a shock). I am currently the president of the Women's Club Soccer team (come check us out!)! I really like the shows Revenge, Scandal, Dexter, and the Vampire Diaries. I am a huge NY Giants fan. Sorry this is some of my worst writing EVER but just trying to get my important points across!! I like to think I am a fun, approachable person! Some fun facts about me include I have twin siblings (11 years old), I can drive a stick shift, I love love love the beach (but I hateeee sand), I am Cuban, Spanish, and Irish, I spoke more Spanish than English as a kid (I wish I still had that ability), my name on FB is not "Allie Boyle", and I went on the Cuba alt break last spring. I can't wait to have the chance to meet all of you guys!!! Welcome to APO!
Sarah Morgan
Hey Aberle Eta! I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you! I am a sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. I am from the beautiful Lone Star State (aka Texas); if any of you are familiar with Texas I am from College Station, home of the fightin' Texas Aggies. Like any true Texan I am in love with BBQ, REAL Tex-Mex and rodeos. On campus I am a part of PEERS and I try to take advantage of any opportunity to play by bass in the pit for musicals. On any given night you can find me catching up with my favorite shows which include Orange is the New Black, Law & Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy, Marvel: Agents of Shield, and Scandal. And yes I do strive to be Olivia Pope every day :) I love all movies and types of music! Currently my favorite book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy but it changes often. I have a dog living with me, his name is Winston and he is the most adorable Shih-Tzu/Bichon you'll ever meet (I might be a little biased)
Fun Facts:
-I know how to Clog and have been clogging for the past 17 years.
-I love to cook and bake!
-I used to barrel race in rodeos in the hill country of Texas :)
-I love to travel and really want to travel to Antarctica to play with the penguins
-I am OBSESSED with Pandas!
Cole "Coltrane" Scandaglia
Hey Aberles! I'm Cole, and I pledged Zlatkovich Beta, which I suppose makes me a senior citizen around here. I'm actually a grad student at AU now, but I've stayed an active brother because Eta Phi is awesome. I have the two best littles of all time, Sam Schafer and Andrew Bennett- if you see a brother and think, "wow, he kind of reminds me of a giraffe", that's Andrew. Sam is our awesome Leadership Development chair, so hit him up for leadership developing.Their grandbig, my big, set the record for winning "Ass" at chapter most times in chapter history, and recently was awarded "Assiest Ass" at our awards ceremony at the end of last semester, despite the fact that he graduated two years ago.

My interests include baseball (Yankees) football (BIG BLUE), general shenanigans, Monty Python, idolizing John Cleese, concert-going, taking extraordinarily long Megabus rides to save money, playing jazz saxophone, outdoor service projects (DO KENILWORTH GARDENS. DO IT), politics and avoiding sobbing over grad school work. Oh and bylaws! I'm your Standards chair this semester.

Lastly, I studied abroad at King's College London, so if you're thinking about King's or London abroad ask me! (Spoiler: It was awesome). Anyway, have fun with pledging and I can't wait to meet you all!!
Phoebe Rabinowitsch
I’m a Religious Studies major and Anthropology minor from South Florida. People fascinate me, not in a creepy way, but learning about people of all walks of life is the best education out there. My life is filled with art, music and long conversations...The starfish story by Randy Poole is awesome…you should read it! My favorite places on campus are the amphitheater and Kay Spiritual Life Center. Some of my favorite things:The Breakfast Club, NPR, Parenthood (tv show), Matisyahu, Jack Johnson, U2, Sara Bareilles, Coldplay, puppies, babies and the color yellow... And I secretly admit to liking One Direction. Random talents, I'm not so sure about but I just saw the most awesome tee-shirt ever! It says "Beyonce is my Spirit Animal."
Cameron Schuette
Hey Aberle Etas! I'm a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs. I'm from a really small town in North Georgia, but DC is by far my favorite city! In addition to being involved in APO, I am also the deputy director of Queers and Allies. I LOVE baking, especially cupcakes! I also love food. Like a lot. I like making it, eating it, watching TV shows about it...I also have a thing for HBO series like True Blood and Game of Thrones, and I just started watching Girls! However, I also have a bad habit of getting half way through series and then never watching them again. Some other fun facts....I had scorpions put on my face for a Fear Factor challenge at Universal Studios, I am obsessed with cats, and I'm learning how to knit. I'm really bummed that American Horror Story is over, but that just means I have more time to hang out with all of you! Can't wait to meet you all :)
Rebecca "Becca" Miller
Hey! I'm Becca and I'm from Simi Valley, California .. (west coast is the best coast what what). I am majoring in business with a specialization in marketing and a minor in graphic design. I love spending time with people and getting cray!! I like going on runs and exploring DC. My favorite food is sushi but I literally eat just about anything. Currently my favorite tv show is Homeland but I like watching most of all the cheesy shows out there. I love all action movies and music. If you are interested in meeting up to hang out or just talk about life here is my cellphone number 8056605769. Woooooooo pledgesssss this is exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam "The Sampler" Schafer
Hey Aberle Eta! I'm a sophomore, born and
raised in Scottsdale, Arizona! I'm currently
studying International Relations, but I have
conflicting interests with other possible
majors. I love watching sports, and I'm a
huge fan of my Arizona teams (D-backs,
Cardinals, Coyotes, Suns) and the
Washington Capitals. I love to travel - I've
been to Italy, Israel, Malta, and a few cities
along the Mediterranean. I'm always open
to trying new types of food, but I really love
Mexican and Chinese food! I'm into all types
of music, so let's share our music! I'm
addicted to Parks and Rec, OITNB,
House of Cards, and more. I've never been really clumsy, but I've had my moments. I fell down the stairs in my house and broke my collarbone right before my 5th birthday party. Oh, and in 7th grade, I sprained my pinky finger while I was running to class. Can't wait to meet everyone!
Zoë Pribula
I am a Sophomore and from Brooklyn, NYC woot woot but I was born in China. I am studying Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing. I am also an AU ambassador for the Washington Mentorship Program. I went to India a few summers ago and volunteered with Tibetan monks and even attended the Dalai Lama's birthday party! I love to meet new people and sleep. Also, I can sound like a Pokemon.
Elizabeth Davidson
I'm currently a biology major with a public health minor and an unhealthy obsession with dolphins. I'm very excitable, pretty friendly, and fairly sassy. I legitimately think science is the coolest thing ever. I like comic books, video games, reading for fun, and crafting anything and everything. My favorite season is fall (though I prefer the much milder ones back home in Florida), my favorite animal is the bottlenose dolphin (but I will go incoherent over the red pandas at the zoo), and my favorite movies are Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, and Love Actually.
Jackie "AUTO Van" Moran
Hey Aberle Eta!! You all look so fly and I can't wait to meet each and every one of you! I'm a senior (yikes!) studying International Development. I'm just your typical AU student; traveling, tree hugging, sipping spiced chai's and saving the world. I've studied abroad a few times, and I've interned a few more, so basically I just rock at being a WONK... I love trying new foods and meeting new people. I sorta worship Meryl Streep and think laughter is the best medicine. You can find me driving around town in an AUTO van or reading something super feministy in the SIS atrium. Come find me during office hours so I can get to know all about you!
Hey y’all, I’m a sophomore Public Health major from Amagansett, New York (yeahhh, Long Island). I’m not good at writing bios, so this is going to be a bit of word vomit. I think the most important thing about me that everyone needs to know is that I love food. I have cancelled plans on friends because of food before and I’ll probably do it again (#sorrynotsorry). I LOVE powdered doughnuts, Dominos, and just all food in general. Food completes me and is the only life companion I need. Joining APO last semester was one of the highlights of my college life thus far, so I’m really excited for all you pledges! What else…I’m a pretty awkward guy, but I like to think it’s an endearing sort of awkwardness and not an “AHHH, RUN AWAY!” awkward. If you don’t see me doing APO stuff on campus, you might also see me working with Queers and Allies as their Treasurer and with the Peer Educators for the Elimination of Relationship and Sexual Violence. I like giraffes a lot because I’m a pretty tall guy and I kind of resemble one myself. Some favorite TV shows of mine that I like include Doctor Who, The Good Wife, and American Horror Story (the first two seasons, sorry Coven). While I enjoy having a Friday night consist of eating everything and watching a movie, I also am a pretty big adrenaline junkie and love being spontaneous. I’m a pretty approachable guy so either come talk to me or message me and I’d love to talk/hang out! My preferred pronouns are he, him, and his.
Andrew Bennett
Hi Aberle Etas! I'm a senior majoring in American Studies and Secondary Education, and I'm also your Sergeant at Arms! I'm from New York City and have major hometown pride. I like food and I like to eat - I seriously eat like eight meals a day (obsessed with Cava and Chipotle, so I'm always down for a date!). My favorite season is the summertime; I'm seriously over this continuous Polar Vortex. I love wearing shorts and I hate wearing six pairs of pants just to walk down the street. I'm currently student teaching in Falls Church, Virginia and am always full of stories about my students and their antics. Last spring, I studied abroad in London and LOVE to talk about it. I pledged my fall semester of sophomore year, Zlatkovich Beta (lol to the ugliest pledge class name ever but snaps the best pledge class out there!). Within APO, I’ve been very involved, so I’m very well versed in Eta Phi. I'm obsessed with the Olympics and am determined to watch every second of them (Go Team USA). Also, my goal is to one day marry Shaun White, so there's that. Welcome to APO, Aberles, let me know if you need anything at all, hit me up for a date, come to my office hours, and enjoy pledging!
Trevor "Trevdog" Godley
Hey Aberle Etas, I am so excited for this semester! Like, it's Christmas morning excited! I'm from Pasadena, California (I live right next to the Rose Bowl and the famous Colorado Blvd.) I love the beach, blasting loud music while driving, watching rom coms, eating ice cream and trying new foods (can you tell I like to eat?). My favorite food that I could eat forever would be sushi, and my favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. I go weak at the knees for anything with Sriracha or Chipotle's tabasco. I love Lorde, Queen Bey, Gaga, Ke$ha and secretly 1D. My favorite movies are Legally Blonde 1&2, Pitch Perfect, Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, ALL THE HARRY POTTERS, and About Time. My favorite shows are Scandal, Grey's, Nashville, and Jeopardy when I feel like a grandpa. My claims to fame are that I've met President Obama, hiked the Great Wall of China, taken 50+ pictures with random Chinese families, and never had a suntan that wasn't a sunburn first. I love reading, but for some reason I got stuck in the land of young adult fiction, and much to my embarrassment I've read Twilight and The Host. Did I mention I love Harry Potter? I'm a Gryffindor :) When I grow up I want to be a clinical psychologist and sit in a big comfy office while helping people. I've never broken a bone in my life, the one time I went to the health center for the flu they told me I was pregnant, and my eyes change color depending on the season. I love the color green. My entire family has the same three initials, TJG, including my dog (a Black Flat Coated Retriever). I love puppies and kitties. I'm an RA in Anderson and I work with freshmen. My two favorite projects are the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the Green Festival. I'm an Emery Zeta. And finally I love you all already!
Zoe "Balthasar" Colton
Hi Aberle Eta! I'm am so incredibly excited to get to know all of you! I am a senior who pledged Ehrlich Alpha and also your Membership VP this semester. My likes include but are not limited to Welcome to Night Vale (it's a podcast and fabulous), crossword puzzles, all things German, tea, grammar, and travel, but that's a given at AU. My dislikes include old bananas, knots in my hair, broken pencils, and mushrooms. Here is a picture of me in a dino hat.
Nora Engelman
Mary Hamula
Hi! I'm Mary, a sophomore public communications major from Connecticut. I pledged in the fall with the Emery Zeta pledge class and I'm so excited to get to know all of you! I'm obsessed with music, pizza and cats. I love going to concerts and my record player is my prized possession. I also love tea, poetry (Sylvia Plath is the bomb) and my combat boots. When I'm not doing APO related things, I'm probably in MGC editing for the campus magazine, The American Word or working on poetry. I founded the AU competitive slam poetry team, Mightier than Swords, last semester and still perform at their events frequently. I'm addicted to bad reality television and anime, and I love 90's movies.
Hey Aberle Eta! I’m a sophomore from Minnetonka, Minnesota (you’ll probably notice my Minnesotan accent eventually). I pledged APO last spring as a Plewa Epsilon and I’m so happy that I did! Besides APO, I’m a member of PRSSA, She’s the First, and I work at the infamous Phonathon. As for my major, I study Public Communication and minor in both Marketing and Sociology. There’s a high chance I’m addicted to chocolate, so if you share my weakness for Georgetown Cupcake Chocolate², Max Brenner, or really any dessert that involves chocolate, we’ll have a lot to talk about. I’m also all about traveling and am so excited to study abroad next year and continue checking places off my bucket list. DC is my absolute favorite city and I would totally be DC adventuring everyday if I could. Some other fun facts about me: I used to figure skate in high school, I somehow survive college without taking naps, I’m slightly obsessed with making to-do lists, and I’m an only child. I can’t wait to meet and get to know you all! ☺
Kelsey Dornfeld
Cate Tanenbaum
I am a first semester senior from Colorado and I studied abroad in Berlin last semester (Berlin is the greatest city ever by the way). I really love Mexican, Thai, and Indian food and kids movies like Despicable Me. I'm planning my next travel which will hopefully be to South America after graduation. I plan to work my way down there on a ship and then travel, volunteer, and work my way around the continent! I really love learning about other cultures and meeting new people. I try to be as spontaneous as possible, I hate planning, and I'd love a job related to coffee and economics (does anyone know if that exists?). If you know any random facts please tell me because it makes me feel smarter. I really love dogs, and I've CouchSurfed in four countries- it's actually much less sketchy than I thought it would be! I can't wait to meet you all and to hear who you are! (I'm on the left!)
Hey Aberle Eta! I'm Alana, a junior psychology major and dance minor from New Jersey. I've been part of this chapter for a year and have loved every minute of it! Some other things I'm involved in on campus include the Psych Club and Alpha Xi Delta. I love funny movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, and baking is one my favorite things to do. I also really love yoga and dancing, and my lifelong dream is to become a Radio City Rockette! After I graduate from AU I hope to attend grad school to become a clinical psychologist. I'm so excited to get to know all of you!
Alana Summers
Hey there Aberle Eta! You're all so freakin wonderful I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you! I'm a sophomore studying public comm and pledged last Spring (#tbt Plewa Epsilon). I'm from the great ol state of New Jersey. When I'm not busy doing service or taking your money, I enjoy napping, watching Youtube videos of puppies, and taking Buzzfeed quizzes that tell me what emoji I am (I'm the dancing twins one which is perfect because I use it all the time!!!). My favorite hobby is probably Netflix and my favorite show is a three way tie between Friday Night Lights, Teen Wolf, and Downton Abbey (I have an eclectic taste what can I say). Common White Girl is my spirit animal and I also won best sense of humor in the chapter last semester. You can find me in MGC about 90% of the time and the other 10% I am probably at Cava. Let's be friends!!!!!
Kelly "Jelly/K-Mosey" Moseman
HI EVERYONE!!! Here are some basics about me:
1. I'm a health Promotion major
2. But I'm also a total foodie and love eating (fellowships involving food are my fave)
3. I'm all about the sunshine and warm weather (but I'm also from New England so I gotta have my white Christmas)
4. I love movies but I fall asleep during basically every one that I watch (gotta get my naps in, ya feel?)
5. I want to travel pretty much everywhere (my bucket list is extensive)
6. I make a fool of myself regularly, but I think I'm funny.

Can't wait to meet everyone!!!
Jaki Wang
Hi there! I'm Ariel, a junior reppin' the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and majoring in History and French (if you have any funny history puns to share, please send them my way). I spent last semester abroad in Paris, France, so I'd also appreciate any jokes you may have to share about the French. My favorite band is Arcade Fire, my favorite TV show is Parks and Rec, and my favorite place in the whole wide world is Battelle. I also really love cats and bread. Can't wait to meet all you Aberle Eta's!!
Ariel "Joanna Dressel" Mond
Helloooo Aberle Eta!!!! Selaina here! The bad basics are that I am a Junior in SOC studying Public Communications and Graphic Design. I am loving life here in the District but I am definitely a West Coast girl at heart. I hail from San Diego, CA originally and I plan on moving back to the West, headed either for Seattle or San Francisco. I love the beach, trees, sun and really anything beautiful outside. I am very interested in service and giving back. I live by the thought that everything happens for a reason and believe in true love. I used to have a pink steak in my hair and I'm thinking about bringing it back. Might happen this week. I love long floral skirts and jean shirts and big scarves. I try to cross things off my buck list as often as I can and I absolutely LOVE adventuring. I love the smell of play-dough and the sound of falling leaves. I also live for baking, reading, arts and crafting, and hanging out with kids. I hope one day to be a middle school or high school counselor, run a non-profit, do art therapy or all of the above. I am majoring in 'still figuring it out' so let's get coffee and discuss life decisions together. My favorite color is yellow because it's bright and makes everyone happy. I am SO excited to hang out and get to know you!!!!
Selaina "Seli Bo Belli" Petrou
Hey! I pledged Plewa Epsilon Spring 2013. I’m from right outside Dallas, Texas. However, I was actually born in New Jersey and have lived in Connecticut and Florida as well. I’m a sophomore studying SIS, hoping to go into something with cultures and possibly psychology. Some fun facts about me: I really love horseback riding, and have been doing it since I was seven years old! My favorite tv show is Pretty little Liars, and my favorite movie is hands down The Notebook! I absolutely love Chinese food. I love going on little adventures in DC, bike rides, and going to concerts. I also enjoy being crafty, laughing, traveling, watching movies, shopping, and I LOVE going to the beach. My favorite singer is Ellie Goulding, and her music is like heaven to my ears. I'm in Alpha Xi Delta, and am also involved in the outdoors club, so I love being outside and finding fun things to do! I am obsessed with chai tea lattes from the Dav, and according to my roommate I talk in my sleep almost every night.
Madison Perkosky
I am super excited to get to know each and every one of you! My name is Jessica Murphy. I am a sophomore from Long Island, New York. I am studying Political Science and Women's Gender and Sexuality studies, which I fell in love with my freshman year. I am also part of the SPA Leadership Program. I guess you can say that I am loud, energetic, and always ready to have a good time! I am completely obsessed with sparkles, pink, and animal print [welcome to the jungle ;)]. My hobbies including roller skating, lacrosse, soccer, and stalking people on Facebook. My favorite movies include Harry Potter, anything with Ryan Gosling, and Mean Girls, of course! My biggest adventure so far, has been this past summer when I flew on a plane for the first time to Universal Studios and explored the Hogwarts Castle! If you want to get to know me more, message me on Facebook and we can go on an adventure of our own!
Jess "Long Island Princess" Murphy
Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Katie and I’m so psyched about this semester in APO with all of you that I don’t know what to do with myself! I am a sophomore studying Spanish and education, an Emery Zeta, an RA, and, in my dreams, a plucky girl detective who frequently gets informed by suspects that they don’t appreciate her tone. My favorite music is the lyrically profound folk rock of The Mountain Goats, but I love One Direction so much that it’s become impossible for me to function in polite society. My roommate is a cardboard cutout of Louis Tomlinson...isn’t that nice. I’m also big on feminism, Latin American literature, miniature versions of normal-sized things, pastries, and cats, especially my own. Veep is my favorite thing currently on TV, Twin Peaks is my favorite thing that used to be on TV, and Seinfeld is my favorite Eternal Constant on TV. My favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums (I’m a huge proponent of Wes Anderson), but I also love Monsters Inc. and pretty much anything that was up for Best Picture in 2011. I love breakfast and jigsaw puzzles and Pablo Picasso and mass mailings and lizards and aquariums! One time I replaced every picture in my sister’s room with the same picture of Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, lit candles, played dramatic instrumental music, and led her into a functional Robb Stark shrine. There’s still a picture of him in my shower at home. Another time I wrote a completely nonfictional autobiography that included a chapter in which I fought off a sleuth of black bears with Thomas Jefferson while riding on the back of my cat Pushkin. I’m a big creep. I love big crêpes! I’m nice. Please be my friend. Please
Molly Kerrigan
Hey everyone! My name is Molly and I am a senior studying IT and Management from Hillsborough, NJ. I studied abroad the fall semester of my junior year in Madrid, Spain and had such a great experience. I am also in AU Ambassadors so you may see me around campus giving tours, which is super fun. I love the color purple as well as tie-dye and my favorite move is Stick It! I also live the show 24 and CANNOT wait for it to come back May 5th. One fun fact about me is that I knew sign language before I could talk because my mom was a teacher of the deaf, but sadly I don't know very much of it anymore :( I also love to bake cupcakes and cakes and when I was little, I wanted to own my own bake shop where people sang all day.
Hey pledges! I won't bore you with my major (political science) or my year (junior) or my hometown (Newton, MA) because this is the sixth chapter bio I've written and it's time to mix it up by embracing my inner Buzzfeed writer. So here we go:
1. When I grow up, I want to be Josh Lyman from West Wing. If you don't know who Josh is, in sum, he's a badass political strategist at the White House with a go-getter attitude and a sarcastic catchphrase ("...kay"), and I like to think we have a lot in common.
2. I have a deep appreciation for good writing. I write a lot of fiction. When I was 15, I started writing a collection of essays in the voice of a juvenile offender doing time at a medium security prison; I've recently picked up again and have begun expanding on it. Prison culture is really, really fascinating. I'm dying to see "Orange Is the New Black" but I don't have Netflix so I'm just waiting for someone to post the relevant fellowship (hint hint).
3. If I weren't so interested in politics, I would probably spend more of my time experimenting the kitchen and taking cooking classes. I love food. My sister and I plan to open a classy music-themed restaurant called Mill on the Charles after we retire from whatever it is we end up doing in life. My favorite DC restaurant is Zaytinya in Chinatown. I'm obsessed with brunch, so let's do brunch.
4. Something not many people know about me is that when I'm stressed out I go to Katzen to play piano. Billy Joel, Elton John, and Ben Folds are my musical idols (I'm seeing Ben Folds in concert in April!). I enjoy a good showtune every now and again. My favorite musical is "1776" (a nerdy satire about the Declaration of Independence set to music...yeah). Side note: I was born on the anniversary of Paul Revere's midnight ride and the Battle of Lexington and Concord, which may or may not have something to do with my love of American history.
5. My historical crush Alexander Hamilton said, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." I really do believe that. I don't think anyone would describe me as lacking conviction. If you've come for an opinion, you've come to the right person. But I enjoy political/philosophical discussions as much as the next typical AU student, and I'm always open to learning about views that differ from my own.
6. A quick list-within-a-list of my favorite things: cheese, politics, coffee, the Kennedy family, experimental cooking, the Red Sox, holiday themed candy, Alexander Hamilton, grammar, the Eta Phi bylaws (#jokes), sushi, Titanic, David Sedaris, my pet frog.
7. I pledged Zlatkovich Beta as a first semester freshman, and it was one of the best decisions I made since coming to AU.
In a suburb of Philadelphia, born and raised.
With my family is where I spend most of my days.
Practicing racing and pacing in the pool.
And shootin' some arrows like Katniss, I rule.

That's as creative as I can get! I'm a senior majoring in environmental studies, and the only tangible skill I can think of is the amazing ability to quote She's the Man. We'll talk soon!!
Alex "Frau Präsident Hitch" Hitchens
HI I'm a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA and I am a Public Comm Major and an Anthro and Marketing minor.
This is an accurate representation of me through bullet points:
**I'm really into dancing everywhere at all times like especially if the location is totally not appropriate like on the metro/in the Freshii line/ at my internship/on my roommate
**I am super into sports and will tell you all about the glory days of high school track and soccer. And now I just run a lot!
**My internship is with AU athletics and it sounds a lot cooler than it is.
**My favorite food is pancakes and also chips.
**I think I'm really funny on twitter (shameless plug @aschreibzz)
**I'm a vegetarian and lactose intolerant and used to be gluten free so going out to dinner is always a fun game of finding the one thing on the menu that I can eat (hint: it's a salad)
**I'm no longer gluten free anymore because bagels
**I love APO and I am currently the Fellowship VP!!! (YAY BROTHERHOOD)
I can't wait to meet you all!
Audrey "Asshole Audrey" Schreiber
Why helloooo there Chapter! My name is Jacqui (or Cuy if you're so inclined). I'm AU's One and Only major in Cultural Psychology, a self-designed major which includes classes from: Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology. Next year I'll (kinda) be using some of that mix of stuff to help teach bilingual education in the Rio Grande Valley in the South of Texas as part of Teach For America.

In the mean time, you can usually find me listening to loud Latin Pop music in the Student Government Suite in MGC, where I work as the AUTO Commissioner. When I'm not there, I'm probably either playing rugby or freaking out that I'm graduating in three months.

FunFact: I dislocated all my toes swimming and now I can't wear heels, or they will dislocate again.

That's all from meeee!
(cuy, bong-cuy-cuy, jacq, jacquesha, etc.)
Jacqui "Cuy" Langer
Melissa Parker
I pledged APO in the pledge class Willard Gamma in the spring of 2012. I am a junior biology major (and even more rare than that, I am not pre-med). I am a diver on AU's swimming and diving team, and I am from California. Naturally, I have been enjoying the snow but I think its time for the cold weather to go away. I enjoy TV shows like NCIS and Sherlock, and I am currently trying to read my way through the Game of Thrones book series (although schoolwork has a nasty habit of getting in the way). My favorite color is PURPLE!
Hey Aberle Eta!! I'm so excited to meet all you wonderful people! I'm a Junior studying Biology/premed. I'm from Idaho and I grew up ski racing. In high school I studied abroad in Argentina, and I'm kind of obsessed with latin america and spanish, and just languages in general. My favorite food is anything mexican! Netflix marathons are the best! Favorite shows are Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Psych, and the list goes on forever. I love a good rom com! I love rock climbing, but there's no where to go around here :( Fellowship?! Fun fact: I don't like cake, but that just means there's more for you!! I can't wait to get to know you all!
Alexi "Lexi" Fitch
Emily "#softgrunge" Blau
Hellooooo Aberle Etas! I’m a sophomore from Long Island, New York. I'm a Public Health major and I'm attempting a minor in Statistics. I'm also in AmLit but APO is my jam. If you ever need a concert buddy, let me know - I try to go to as many concerts as I can afford. If I ever take a picture with you, there’s a 50% chance I’ll make you “soft grunge” with me, just wait. I say "yooooo" a lot. I spend a lot of time watching movies and TV shows (Veep, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Pacific, Chuck, and I just got into Parks and Rec). I might like One Direction and my favorite might be Harry Styles I don't know whatever man. Also Beyonce. Fun facts: I was born on Valentine’s Day, I played badminton in high school, I hate when the volume on the TV is an odd number, skiing is the only thing I'm good at, I love a good font, I can only listen to movie scores or Billie Holiday when I do homework, my favorite holiday is the Academy Awards, and I shook the President’s hand one time. And of course I love doing service! Can’t wait to meet you all I love you already!!!
Emily Arnold
Hi! I'm Emily and I'm a junior in SOC studying public comm. Last year I studied abroad in London and became obsessed with traveling. Some of my interests include online shopping as procrastination, exploring DC for exciting restaurants (confession: I'm in love with food), attempting to take artsy photographs and collecting anything and everything with birds on it. Random fun fact: every time I go to PF Chang's as a tradition with my APO family, the fortune cookie I get is always blank. Make your own future, I guess? We'll go with that.
I'm super excited that you are pledging APO and I can't wait to meet all of you---you all are awesome!!
Sophie "Da Baby" Zbesko
Heyyy there Aberle Etas! My name is Sophie, aka da Baby of APO, and a freshman studying neuroscience here at AU. I am from Evanston, Illinois (where Mean Girls is set) and I pledged Emery Zeta last semester. From the moment the other Emery Zetas picked me up the nickname just stuck. I may only be 5’1 but I am 5’1 of
fun. Fun facts about me include:
I met Tyra Banks (and yes,
she is FIERCE), I played soccer
in high school, I love to bake,
I am terrified of ostriches, and
I’m super cool. I also like
country music. I saw Lady A,
Tim McGraw and Tay Tay Swift
all in concert. Another fun fact
is I saw Taylor Swift for free
in the front row, but this is
before she was famous.
Grace Cerand
'Ello Aberle Eta!! My name is Grace, but its totally fine it you confuse me with the girl from Brave. It happens. I'm a senior (eek!) double majoring in International Studies and Communication Studies. No, I don't know what I'm doing after graduation, but I would like a job where I can live out my life goal to become the sundress-wearing version of Anthony Bourdain. Or a linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens. Currently, I'm president of AU Women's Rugby team and work as a server. I studied abroad in India last year and love to share stories (ask me about how I became a snake charmer!). Some things I like to do include exploring different Wi-Fi cafes across DC and watching too much TV (favorites are Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, and Orange is the New Black). My favorite authors are Zadie Smith and Jonathan Safron Foer and my music taste is a weird mix that includes Laura Marling, Kendrick Lamar, and Led Zeppelin. I am SO excited to get to know all of you!! I pretty much live at the Dav so feel free to come say hi :)
I’m a sophomore from the California coast studying International Relations and Español. I absolutely love to travel mainly because I love learning about new cultures and eating new food; food is my favorite thing ever. My lifetime goal is to go to travel to every continent (including Antarctica). I also love sports, specifically water sports. Swimming, water polo, surfing, you name it I’ll try it. I’m a total sucker for anything Disney, specifically princesses. Side note: If you haven’t seen Frozen, drop everything you’re doing right now and go see it. I can’t wait to meet you all!
Kianna Miller
I am a sophomore from Newburgh, NY, which is just over an hour outside of New York City. I'm double major in CLEG and Justice & Law. I pledged Emery Zeta in the fall of 2013. Law and Order: SVU and Sherlock are my absolute favorite shows. I am a huge Harry Potter freak and just love to read in general. I love almost all types of food, so if you want to eat, I'm your girl. Fun fact: I once ran through a (small) fire! I can't wait to get to know all of you!
Aliya Levinstein
Hey Aberle Eta! I'm a sophomore from outside Philadelphia, but my family is from Vermont where my grandpa owns a blueberry farm. This means I spend my summers eating blueberries for every meal. I've been playing piano since I was four years old, I never pass up the opportunity to make a creepy face, and I absolutely lose my cool when I see dogs. Other things I obsess over include: music, lion cubs, leo dicaprio, Harry Potter, and Frozen (OMG IT WAS SO GOOD). I believe in the power of compliments and I love smiling. But really, if you want to be my friend, just tell me bad puns and show me pictures of lion cubs and I'll like you.
Rebecca Pittore
Amanda Sands
Hey Aberle Etas I'm so excited for all of you to join APO. I'm a junior studying public health (woo vaccinations!!). I'm from a suburb of Philadelphia so feel free to talk to me about cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and the Phillies. I spent last semester in the wilds of Nairobi dodging matatus.
I'm very excited to be back at AU hanging out with all my bros. I love to cook and try new
foods. Please tell me your
favorite restaurant in DC so
we can go there immediately!
Meg Carr
Hey Aberle Eta! My name is AnLi and I'm a sophomore studying Law & Society and Public Communication. I pledged APO last spring as a Plewa Epsilon. I am from a small town in New Hampshire, where I grew up on a horse farm. Some fun facts about me: I have seven horses and have been competing all over the New England for most of my life. I'm a cat person. I love traveling even though I've only been out of the country once. My favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms, and I just started Modern Family. I also enjoy baking and eating, being crafty, chai tea lattes, and exploring DC! I'm terrible at geography and I think pasta should have it's own food group. In addition to APO, I am in PRSSA and She's the First, and I am an intern for Phelps Media Group. Can't wait to meet all of you this semester!
AnLi Kelly-Durham
Elaina Bade
Hey all, I’m Elaina! I'm a sophomore from Concord, MA, which is a small town just outside of Boston. I’m studying Public Communication with a minor in Marketing. Some fun facts about me: I have three adorable dogs. People call me a giraffe because I’m tall and somewhat uncoordinated (and I also tend to get myself lost). I always try to make food from Pinterest, but it usually doesn’t work out – I swear I’m an amazing baker otherwise, though! I also love painting my nails, riding ponies, and obsessively drinking Starbucks. My favorite time of the year is summer, and I have a boat on Cape Cod. I’m addicted to traveling, and my goal is to continue to travel the world. My favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy. I am also a member of AU Club Equestrian, PRSSA, and Her Campus.
I am a sophomore with a major in International Relations and a minor in Education and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I secretly wish I could change my major to secret agent, but I am super interested in the Middle East and also super clumsy so I guess I'm stuck. I love animals, specifically dogs as I have five--and a snake named Pretzel. I love to read, currently my favorite authors are Chuck Palanhiuk and Neil Gaiman. I also happen to enjoy sailing and kayaking and traveling and eating and cooking and jamming. I love to talk so come find me and chat!
Dylan "Razzle Dazzle" Rasnick
Hey there, Aberle Eta! My name is Dylan Rasnick and I am from the beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. I am currently a sophomore majoring in international relations and procrastination. Just call me Ariel because I am member of the Swim Team so I spend a lot of my time at the pool (yay water!). If you ever want to talk/rap about Nicki Minaj and all her cray, hit me up cause I'm your guy. Some random talents of mine include: eating an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting (#sorrynotsorry), worming, and photo-bombing. I have also been known to dabble in beach volleyball and love long runs. Don't hesitate to come up and sit, talk, or rap some Nicki with me if you see me around campus. I am so excited to get to know y'all better throughout this semester!
Hi everyone! I'm a senior Philosophy + WGSS major, from Michigan (whatsupmidwest) and I'm a huge baseball fan (obviously the Tigers and Nats--I AM ALL ABOUT BASEBALL FELLOWSHIPS) and also I like ramen and other Asian noodles and sushi. I'm not really a music person but I of course love Beyonce. Her new album is literally everything and I'm really into "Blue" at the moment. (Also I like Justin Timberlake a lot and saw the 20/20 tour in Baltimore). Also I've seen a lot of concerts for not liking music because my boyfriend is a rockstar (his band was invited to try out for America's Got Talent!) Bon Iver is by far the best concert I've ever seen, and I recently saw Iron & Wine and Ingrid Michaelson. I studied abroad in Denmark, where I fell in love with art history and art museums in general (I prefer more modern and contemporary stuff though--Asger Jorn and Freida Kahlo are two of my absolute favorites). I also got pretty cozy with the Danish Royal family while I was there--you could say we bumped elbows. I guess I'm into philosophy pretty hard core--talk to me about Foucault, Kierkegaard, Beauvoir, and Butler. Lil Bub is my spirit animal as most of you know, and I will fight anyone to the death if they question her greatness. I'm really into J Crew and Earl Grey tea and I read a lot. Okay bye.
Kylie Musolf
Hey Aberle Eta! I'm Hannah and I am a freshman and an Emery Zeta from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania! I'm studying International Relations and recently became involved with Lean In at AU and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. I love documentaries, House of Cards, 80s movies, and all things funny. Therefore I basically love Netflix. I also love eating and reading. However when I'm not binge watching or reading I like to explore the city and plan all of the places I want to go in my lifetime. I'm always down for trying new stuff and going new places. As a new member, I love getting to know more brothers and I'm looking so forward to getting to know all of you!
Hannah Bossert
I come from the great state of New Jersey, in the town of Basking Ridge. For those unfamiliar with NJ Geography that's north central Jersey (Kinda close to the Jersey Shore). I've been a part of APO since my Sophomore year, I pledged Plewa Epsilon and have had a great time so far. In terms of my education at AU, I'm studying Business Administration, specializing in Finance and International Business.
In terms of what what I do, I partake in quite a number of different organizations on campus aside from APO. I am a member of the social Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. I am also a member of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team. If you ever want to learn how to play Frisbee be sure to ht me up, it's a great sport to take on. I also partake in the Phoenix Karate Club on campus where we practice martial arts, come talk to me if you have even the slightest interest in learning a martial art, it's a very engaging class and the instructors and myself are always happy to have more people in the class.
When I'm not running from meetings, practicing Frisbee or getting beaten up I have a few fun hobbies I like to do. I'm a pretty big movie enthusiast, you won't really find me watching very many TV shows, but some of my favorite movie series to watch are the Lord of the Rings, the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Rocky series and many others. I also happen to like exploring the night life in D.C, whether it's going to a concert or utilizing the 21 years of age card you'll find me around the city exploring cool places to go to. Lastly, when there's time not spent on all the stuff I mentioned I sometimes play video games like Starcraft II or DOTA 2 among others. Lastly I am a sports enthusiast, while I don't watch very many sports I do involve myself in plenty of them, such as Football, Volleyball and Soccer. Usually in the form of Rec-sports when there's time. Hopefully you have a better sense of who I am, can't wait to meet you all!

Alex Boughton
Hello! My name is Gabrielle, I'm from Cornwall, New York, and I am a senior studying international relations and economics. I studied abroad (and left my heart) in Paris two years ago, where I developed a passionate love for wine and macarons. Other obsessions include Will Ferrell movies (especially Anchorman), Taylor Swift, elephants, and cupcakes. I love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter. You stay classy, APO.
Gabrielle Favorito
Jesse Dubow
I'm a senior in SIS studying International Development with a concentration in Latin America. I was born in Germany, but I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel and I've studied abroad twice--in Chile and in Thailand--so if you ever want to swap adventure stories hit me up! I love exploring, whether it's in downtown Washington or on a backpacking camping trip, but I'm just as happy drinking tea and watching movies on rainy days. I watch an excessive amount of TV and I eat pretty much constantly. I love live music, making playlists, baking, cooking, puns, arts & crafts, using a lot of exclamation points, day dreaming, and being a strong, independent woman.
Hey Aberle Etas! I'm Stephen and I'm a junior. I pledged last fall as an Emery Zeta. I'm an IR major with a double minor in Spanish Translation and International Business. I'm from Pottstown, Pennsylvania which is in the middle of nowhere (seriously the Amish live about 30 minutes away). As a side effect of growing up in the woods I'm a big fan of the outdoors. I love rock climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and climbing trees. I'm also a pretty big reader--Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Ender's Game, and Catch-22 are some of my favorites. I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile last spring and I had an amazing time there. If anybody's thinking of studying abroad in a Spanish speaking country I'd be more than glad to talk to you about my experience. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all this semester.
Stephen Maurer
Sup Y'all! So I'm Gilmar the crazy and fun loving dude from sunny Los Angeles, California. I'm a proud west-coaster (Westside represent!!!) but truth be told I love DC, and have come to consider this place home. I enjoy long selfies on the beach, exploring about, getting myself into wild shenanigans and of course meeting new people! If theres one thing I know how to do its how to have a good time! Despite my fun loving demeanor I actually am an aspiring politician and moved across the country to make a name for myself here in DC. (Frank Underwood is my spirit animal) Lets see here moving along, Mean Girls is my bible. I am PRO burritos. I can commute on a Pogo Stick and I know all lyrics to theme song of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If all of this sounds appealing to you, 1. you're probably crazy. 2. you're like really cool. 3. you're the little for me! =D Needless to say I am so excited to get to know all of you Aberle Eta's, and of course may the odds be ever be in your favor. PEACE!
Also, my pic makes me look a lot buffer than I actually am #awkward
Gilmar "Gdawg" Rosas
I am originally from San Francisco!! I have also lived in Texas and Louisiana. My family moved to Arlington, VA the summer before I started college.
I played soccer for fourteen years and it was my life!
I started volunteering at an after school program in a lower socioeconomic part of Louisiana during my junior year (HS). I have continued to work in elementary schools since then (how I became interested in studying education).
I am a junior and I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Elementary Education.
I love to travel!! I went on the 2013 winter alternative break trip to Myanmar/Thailand.
Supernatural is THE BEST tv show there is!!!!
I have a fourteen-year-old dog named Dusty! She is like the sister I never had :/ I am an only child.
I can play 9 instruments…some better than others. I can’t go a day without listening to music.
AND...I am “slightly” obsessed with the color YELLOW!!!
Briana "Bri" Joseph
Caitlin "Kraken From the Deep" French
Oh hey Aberle Eta!! I'm a Sophomore from Marblehead, MA (It's next to Salem with the witches #spooky), and I'm an Art History Major with a minor in Law & Society. I plan to study abroad in London next year, and I honestly can't wait! I love watching sports and I'm basically obsessed with the Olympics, which is why I've been living under a rock recently. I'm the kind of person who takes sleeping to a competitive level, but once it's warm out I love getting out and exploring DC by visiting museums and kayaking on the Potomac. I love crafting and DIY projects, historical period movies, looking at pictures of cute animals, and designing tattoos that I probably won't get anytime soon (because I already have two, one of which my dad still doesn't know about so uh-oh...). I love a wide variety of music, and I'm open to watching any movie that isn't scary. Also, my family just got a new house with a pool in Maine, which would have made me 10x more popular in high school, and I think that's a relevant piece of biographical information.
Aberle Eta's!! I want to welcome you to APO with glitter, macarons, inspirational quotes, and all things wonderful in life! I'm a sophomore from a small New England town, but came to DC to study French and Public Communication. I fell in love with France after doing an exchange program in high school and can't wait to hopefully study in Paris spring semester of next year. Before I go to Paris, I want to visit Nashville because I love music- especially country music. Baking and eating food takes up the majority of my free time, but I'm also in a group on campus that screens social-issue based documentaries, REACT to FILM. Documentaries are pretty awesome, but I also like having Audrey Hepburn movie marathons because I think she's kinda amazing. It's a life goal of mine to awkward dance with Taylor Swift, but until then, I'm just going to continue trying to live my life according to Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness and eat some/all the doughnuts along the way.
Nicole Russo
Hi! I'm Serena! I'm in SIS and I'm interested in agriculture, environmental politics, and the global food market. I'm essentially a genius glutton who's figured out a way to study food as much as possible; it's half shameful half something to really brag about. If you haven't pieced it together, I really, really, really like food. I can bring it up in essentially any conversation. Also I like chocolate. And Texas - which is where I am from. So obviously I am loud and I am proud about my red and white blue flag. I love trees, sword fights in the snow, puppy kisses, potatoes, fluffy blankets, fluffy pillows, knitting, chocolate covered anything, and most of all I'm pretty sure I love you! <3 Also, I'm involved with Chi Alpha and I used to be in Orchestra so if you have any questions about either, come talk to me!
Serena Tang
Hi! My name's Joy. I'm a psychology major with a passion for food. Last spring, I lived in Berlin, spoke bad German, and made great friends. This summer, I took a cross-country road trip. So far, I've visited 32/50 states; my goal is to get to all of them! I also love wine, coffee, and cupcakes. My favorite book is Lolita, and my favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom. This year, I hope to figure out where I'll be after graduation, but so far, I'm enjoying the adventure.
Joy Resor
Grace Austin
I'm from just outside of Philadelphia, I'm in ROTC, I play Rugby and love pizza. Also cats. A fun fact about me is that I recently finished watching all 6 seasons of parks and rec... and I enjoyed every second. Treat yo' self.
Hello everyone!! My name is Kathleen Ellsworth and here is a little rant about me :) I pledged in the Fall 2011, so my pledge class is Zlatkovich Beta. I am an Upstate New Yorker with a lot of energy! One of my favorite things about living in NY is the changing of the seasons (my favorite is Spring!). I love to hang out with friends, do crazy things, and be spontaneous. But I also love the comfort of my bed, scarves, and cats (especially cats!!!). I absolutely love coffee and tea, and am always up for a Dav or Starbucks date. Additionally, I LOVE to dance (I actually danced for 14 years from the ages of 3 to 17, but now I just do the average dancing at parties, dorm rooms, middle of the quad, etc.). I am currently a junior in Kogod majoring in Business Administration with a double specialization in Accounting and International Business. I love to travel and one day, I hope to visit every country in the world!! I studied abroad in London last semester and absolutely loved it! I am also a big movie and TV show fan. My favorite movies are any Harry Potter movie and Titanic. Some of my favorite TV shows include Lost, House of Cards, How I Met Your Mother, and Scandal. I know this semester in APO is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get to know all the pledges! :)
Kathleen Ellsworth
Michelle Graff
Writing about myself is stressful I'm going to try hard to be funny so bare with me. My name is Michelle and I am a sophomore studying Business and Entertainment. My degree acronym also spells out BAE which I find really funny. I am from the glorious state of Massachusetts and grew up in a small suburb north of Boston that may or may not be the most boring place on the face of this earth. I LOVE living in DC because there is actually stuff to do. As far as other things I do on campus, I am on the Relay For Life eboard and was last year as well. The fight against cancer is something I am super passionate about, so just don't get me started because I'll talk your ear off. But if you want your ears talked off, you know who to talk to. I love trashy reality television more than I care to admit, but am also a huge fan of shows like House of Cards, GIRLS, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother...the list goes on. I don't want to make this tooooo long but come talk to me and we can cover all the other bases! Welcome to Eta Phi everyone- we are so so so happy to have you!
Sarah Connolly
Hey Aberle Eta! My name is Sarah Connolly and I'm a senior double majoring in Public Health and International Development. I spent last spring abroad in southern India studying global health and volunteering at a local hospital in between trips to beautiful temples and adventures to see the elephants. I've also spent time abroad in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Italy during my time at AU. I finished my capstone on the politics of Neglected Tropical Diseases and now spend all my free time reading books and drinking ridiculous amounts of tea (avoiding getting ready for entering the real world in May). I like to make collages from old newspapers and magazines, watch excessive amounts of FRIENDS re-runs, cook lots of fub vegetables, and take a lot of Buzzfeed quizzes. I'm so excited to get to know you all!
Hey Eta Phi! I’m Stephanie and I’m a senior. I’m studying psychology and have a minor in sociology. I’m from New Jersey, but fun fact, I lived in Japan for four years when I was in elementary school. I love traveling, puppies (my roommate has a dog who I love to spoil), and baking. The past two summers I stayed in D.C and worked full time for a nonprofit that works with at risk youth in Columbia Heights and I fell in love with it. I pledged Zlatkovich Beta and have enjoyed doing service with my bros ever since!
Stephanie Hespe
Hey Aberle Etas! I'm a freshman from Columbia, South Carolina. I'm involved in the Social Justice Living Learning Community and I work as a DC reads tutor at Centro Nía. Hot chocolate (really anything chocolate), Justin Timberlake, and poetry slams are my obsessions. My guilty pleasure is binge watching action movies and romantic comedies while "studying". I love doing power yoga, going on nature trails, and exploring the city. And now I leave with you this quote that just about sums up my opinion of this world: "I love mankind ... it's people I can't stand!!” -Charles M. Schulz, The Complete Peanuts
Brandi Muller
What uppp Aberle Etas!! I'm a sophomore studying Economics with a minor in International Business. One of my favorite movies is Horrible Bosses, I recently read The Giver because the movie is coming out with Alexander Skarsgard <3, and sour gummy worms make the world go round! My life goals include living in New York City and Europe before I turn 30 and bungee jumping in Australia. I am so excited to meet each and everyone of you. Hit me up if you like Dunkin' Donuts, Seinfeld, and long walks on the beach (or you just want to chill!) LFS :D
Kenna "K Bay Bay" Cole
Weronika "Dubs"
JAMBO. My name is Weronika Dabrowski but most people call me Dubs. I'm a senior (...wut?) studying International Development. I've been livin' and lovin' APO since Zlatkovich Beta (Fall 2011 WUDDUP). I'm slightly aca-awkward. My hobbies include laughing obnoxiously, singing obnoxiously, making some inappropriate joke and/or dancing. If I'm rudely sarcastic around you, I apologize for offending thee. I quote movies way too often for my own mental health. I enjoy cats, Joel McHale, Christmas lights YEAR ROUND, quesadillas, Frank Underwood, hiking, coffee, leggings as pants, coffee, people watching, coffee, and my hometown of the Bronx. I tweet way too much and retweet @fatamy even more. She just gets me, ya know? I want to be Kristen Wigg. The characters of "Friends" are my only friends. The "Respect by Aretha Franklin" Pandora station is literally perfect. So is the Chingy station. Like, perfect. So pumped (slash sad) for my last semester with this amazing brotherhood! Bai now.
Hey Y'all! My name is Maya and I pledged with Plewa Epsilon last spring. I'm from South Carolina. I love the city, but I sometimes miss the southern life. I love country music! Zac Brown Band, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan and many more. I love sweet tea and southern food! I came to Washington, DC because I love politics (Hillary Clinton is my home girl!). I am majoring in Political Science with a concentration in American Government and minoring in Law and Society and Sociology. Some of my favorite shows are The West Wing, The Newsroom, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. Outside of school, I am on AU's Equestrian Team! I have been horse back riding since I was 8 years old. Additionally, I LOVE exploring the city (My favorite building in DC is the Capitol building) and learning about new restaurants ( I am a major foodie!!). My favorite food is cheese and my spirit animal is the penguin! Congrats on pledging APO!! I can't wait to get to know all of you!!
Maya Nelander
Victoria Williamson
Hello, I’m Victoria Williamson and I have two different colored eyes (blue and brownish). I’m a senior anthropology major with minors in biology and justice. I love human anatomy, especially, the human skeleton and hope to work as a forensic anthropologist someday. I’m from a small town in upstate New York, right outside of Albany. I watch an obsessive amount of TV. My favorites are Parks & Recreation, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Law & Order: SVU. My other favorite thing to do is to watch old classic movies. Lastly, I’m a huge Yankees fan, and I will represent New York till the day I die! I’m super excited to meet you!
Dana "I'm fun" Gooley
I did this last minute, no one is surprised by that, so here’s a list of things I like:

Sleeping in
Christmas lights
Online shopping
Pitbull (Mr. 305)
Nail polish
The puns on Bob’s Burgers
The great state of Massachusetts & all its fine sports teams
Coffee drank
The guys behind the Ward Cafe counter who already know what I’m going to order
Ward Cafe bagels and coffee
The Doctor
Old Gregg
Mario Kart Double Dash
Motha. Truckin. SHARKS.
Hey all! I’m Kelly, a Junior from the good old Midwestern state of Ohio, and I'm also pledgemaster this semester hooray! I’m double majoring in Psychology and Law and Society, but only because majoring in Beyoncé wasn’t an option. An accurate description of me would be a silly willy goofball. I pretty much spend my days laughing. Some of my other favorites include my freaking awesome cat Bella, YouTube videos of cats, Justin Timberlake, Bridesmaids (Rebel Wilson is my spirit animal), spontaneous dance parties, singing in public, cranberry juice and sprite mixed together, puppies, and cupcakes. Just some of my many talents include clapping with one hand and talking excellently without showing my teeth. Some other things about me: I’m a part of AU in Motion on campus (the dance club), I'm on the E-Board for the club Active Minds, and I work at the Washington School of Ballet, where my duties include dealing with crazy parents and 4 year olds that continually pee their leotards. I also like to bum around and watch my shows: Parks and Rec, American Horror Story, The Mindy Project, and Teen Wolf (don't h8). That's all for now, but I'll leave with you a video of my favorite pandas
Kelly Bisschop
Heyyy Aberle Etas! I'm a junior public health major from Bow, New Hampshire. I was abroad last Fall in Nairobi, Kenya with 3 other awesome bros, where my love for the music of Tupac and Shaggy was revived. I have read all of the Harry potter books at least 4 times each and Neville is my hero. My favorite place in DC is the 9:30 club and I'm a huge indie rock nerd. Sometimes when I'm running in the woods I like to pretend I'm Pocahontas. I REALLY want a pet turtle. The White Mountains are my happy place and 80's movies speak to my soul. When I'm bored in class I write out all the lyrics to La Vie Boheme from RENT. Other favorites include 30 Rock, The Killers, dancing badly, and New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream. I have a tarantula story from when I spent a summer in Tanzania, ask me about it sometime!
Megan "Megish" Niegisch
Rebecca Furgalack
Let's start with the basics: I'm a junior from Connecticut studying Justice and Psychology. I'm on the club field hockey team and I babysit a couple of really cool kids that are intimidatingly smart.
And now we ease our way into the fun stuff: I love a good steak. I will read or watch pretty much anything with dragons, swords, or spaceships in it. I'm learning to knit and I want to learn to whittle (apparently I really want to be old). I can juggle, but I don't practice enough so it's never as impressive as people expect it to be. I'm pretty sure rain hitting the roof is the best sound possible, followed closely by hearing an ice cream truck coming your way. And most importantly, I was recently reminded of the existence of devil sticks and might ask my mom to ship mine to me so I can make that a thing again.
Reading this back, I'm not sure it was the most convincing argument of why I'm cool. Oh well! I'm super excited to get to know all of you!
Hey Aberle Etas! Congratulations on making the best decision of your college career by joining APO! My name is Ean Marshall (notice the correct spelling lol), and I pledged Emery Zeta last semester. I am a junior double majoring in Print Journalism and Literature, with a concentration in Cinema Studies, as I’d like to be a film critic one day. I have been honing my craft as a critic for the Eagle, while also doing news stories as well. I hail from Brooklyn, New York, the best and most populous borough! As you can probably guess, I have a passion for movies (last one I saw not for class was Terminator 2 on a snow day), except for horror movies with excessive gore, although seeing the Godfather has desensitized me a bit towards violence. I am a passionate reader of fantasy novels, such as Discworld (a very funny British series) and a Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones source material). I’m also a big fan of Marvel comics and Japanese manga (One Piece in particular is great). As for TV shows, I’m partial to comedies like Parks and Recreation and Community, in addition to a few anime shows, as you might have guessed. APO has welcomed me with open arms (The only congrats letters I’ve ever gotten in college was from them and AlternativeBreaks), so I’m pretty dedicated to the brotherhood. Anyways, I’m a pretty friendly guy, so interview me anytime! The picture is of me with my dog Zorro, a shi-tzu poodle of about 11 years!
Jess Anderson
Heyyyy! My name's Jess and I'm a sophomore studying print journalism and CLEG. I pledged Plewa Epsilon last spring and it was wicked super fun--y'all are in for a great time! Fun fact: the dog in this picture is named Halo, and he likes to bark at you until you spray him in the face with a hose and then he likes to aggressively drink the water. Isn't he sweet?? But back to me: when I'm not having fun chilling and doing service with the bros I like going on adventures (all sorts), reading, driving in my van with the windows down and the music way up, meeting random strangers and eating food. I would also really like to learn how to sail so if anyone could provide me with a boat that would be so great. Can't wait to meet all of you Aberle Etas! You so fly!
I should be a Mariachi superstar by now, but life has gotten in the way I guess. I am twenty years young from Oakland “Da Town”, California. I am also a Political Science and Sociology double major with an Economics minor and I want to be an immigration lawyer. Or a paint specialist at Home Depot. I can talk about social justice until your ears bleed and I love to engage people in deep talks at seemingly inappropriate times (get ready!). I can cook relatively well and one of my life goals is to engage in some type of reality cooking show challenge where the stakes are high and I can stand the heat! Please come talk to me about any NBC sitcom, Ken Burns documentary (or any other period piece really), or interesting theories on the collapse of global capitalism. (I'm on the right!)
Molina "Molly/Doggy" Butler
Franny Valour
Hey Aberle Eta's!!

My name is Franny, I pledged last semester as an Emery Zeta. I was born and raised in France and then moved to North Carolina where I live equal distance from the mountains and the beach, so I love them both a ton. I love outdoor adventures, and hope to hike more of the Appalachian trail in the future. I am currently a sophomore (who may be graduating a year early...what is life?). I am a public communication major, with an international service minor. One of my passions is food! i LOVE food, i'm all about yummy food. Enjoying great food with great people is the absolute best! I also love just hanging out and spend quality time with friends. I like movie, picking a favorite is impossible! At the moment i'm really enjoying watching Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, and New Girl (love Netflix and curling up in my cozy bed).

Can't wait to get to know y'all!!
Hey Everyone! I'm Peter Seremetis. It’s really great to see so many new faces in APO and I hope you are having a great experienced so far! While I am probably not taking a Little this semester, I am still excited to get to know as many of you as I can. Just to get the basics out of the way, I am in Zlatkovich Beta pledge class, I am a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Justice, and my favorite food is pizza. Seriously, I’m like a Ninja Turtle when it comes to pizza. I tend to be a busy person and sometimes hard to reach, but I am everywhere. Outside of APO I am involved with the AU Methodist campus ministry and AU Dumbledore's Army--AU's own Harry Potter club. I also do acting in the Elite Ballerina Corps Improv Troupe (No we are not a dance group. We are actors and perform skits that we make up on the fly!). People know me as "a young guy with an old soul" and a "wayward son". In truth I am those things and more. I am a sci fi/fantasy watcher--including Doctor Who, Supernatural, and The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra shows. I like to visit cool and unusual places in DC, coordinate events for different groups, and talk about philosophical and psychological topics like De Ja Vu and such. Basically I am a deep person who is in touch with his inner child. So if you are interested in getting to know me more or playing Apples to Apples one day, come find me!
Peter "Pete-Box" Seremetis
Jessie "JayB" Block
Keya Meyers
Kia Ora Aberle Eta! :D I'm a junior studying Biology and Pre-Med from St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I just returned from studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand and I am so glad to be back to enjoy the spring with everyone. I'm involved in Pre-Med Society and currently an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Biology Department. Fun Favorites :D! My fave sports thus far are tennis, rugby and swimming. I completely love bacon on everything and enjoy Caribbean and Latina cuisine. I enjoy listening to Jazz, R&B but most of all Reggaeton music. I'm a big fan of romantic comedies, scifi and action adventure movies. I am in love with Parks and Recreation, Law and Order: SVU, Martin, Scandal and shamelessly just getting into House of Cards. I enjoy knitting, crochet and needle-point sewing and sing soprano. I also love baking and laughing (awesome combo I know. Fun stories: (Mostly from NZ) I did karaoke at 4 AM with girls from the Cook Islands and a Korean bartender. I rafted over the highest commercial water fall in Rotorua. I saw six shooting stars and part of the milky way in Dunedin. I am so excited to meet all the new brothers and pledges. Cheers to a great semester!
Sam "Niems" Niemann
SooOOoOOoo, full background check: I'm not from anywhere because my dad's in the military and I move a lot, I'm a junior studying special education who pledged as a first-semester freshman, I'm a live in nanny for a sassy British florist and her two kids, and I'm a mentor with Teens Run DC! True Detective is the bomb. My grasp on US Geography is tenuous at best. I'm a very amateur graphic designer. I hopefully get my driver's license over spring break. Instead of my resume, I'm going to start using a print out of my high score on Flappy Bird.
Ean Marshall
Maddie "Nugget" Ecker
This one time in middle school, I ate 73 chicken nuggets.

Hiyaaa, I'm Maddie (or Nugget, whatever you like). I'm currently a sophomore majoring in journalism with minors in both marketing and Chinese. I'm involved in Women's Initiative, AU Women's Club Rugby, SOC Ambassadors and am an intern at Washington City Paper. I'm a Pitbull enthusiast (dalé), cheese connoisseur (chedda), and avid gym go-er. Half of my head is shaved, and yes, I've decided that it does get colder than the rest of my head in the winter.

Can't wait to get to know you Aberle Etas!
My name is Zachary Mendel. I am a Senior Biochemistry major and pledged Harty Delta. I am from Holden, MA. The sports I enjoy right meow are football, basketball, and jiu jitsu. I am really interested in science research and plan on pursuing a PhD in Microbiology or Neurology after I graduate from AU. I like the Broncos, all Michigan University sports, and the Redskins. I saw Beyonce this summer at the Verizon Center. That was purrrrty cool. My girlfriend is Laina Weinman who is also in APO and she pledged Harty Delta as well. Thanks to my diabetes I hold the world record for most Starbursts consumed in a lifetime and I am only 21. Hope I get to meet all you guys this semester!
Zachary Mendel
Hi Aberle Etas! I’m a junior from Colts Neck, New Jersey, and I’m so excited to meet all of you! I’m studying Psychology and Special Education and my dream is to be a child psychologist, yoga instructor, and part-time mommy-blogger. When I'm not hanging out with an adorable 3-year-old with special needs for my job as a behavioral therapist, I'm on Pinterest pinning inspirational quotes and planning my next DIY endeavor. I love making just about anything from scratch, and homemade ravioli and chocolate filled croissants are on my cooking/baking bucket list. Some favorites of mine are Julia Child, Kate Middleton, Boy Meets World, The Mindy Project (Danny Castellano!), Singin' in the Rain, The Lumineers, Ingrid Michaelson, The Head and The Heart, and I'm still a little obsessed with Hanson, that band that sang "Mmmbop" when I was in Kindergarten. I'm determined to live in Michigan, Massachusetts or Washington State, or anywhere with mountains and a lake. On campus, I’m involved in Chi Alpha and Active Minds, a new club for changing the conversation about mental health (shameless plug!). Can’t wait to do service with you!
Kerry Vollherbst
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