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Woods Runner

No description

Jennifer Nowak

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Woods Runner

Woods Runner


By Gary Paulsen
This book is realistic fiction, which means
this could have happened, but it didn't.

The setting of "Woods Runner is in
Pennsylvania in 1776 during the
Revolutionary War. Samuel, the main
character, is going through Pennsylvania
trying to find his parents. He lives deep in
the woods away from civilization in a log
The main characters in this book are Samuel, Abner and Annie. Samuel is a brave 13 year old boy that is protective of his family and likes to hunt with his shotgun. His parents are kind, older people who like to play chess. As Samuel journeys to find his parents he meets Annie, who's parents were unfortunately killed by the British soldiers, and she is later adopted by Samuel's family. Abner is a kind farmer, who works secretly as an "agent" in the resistance against the British. He helps Samuel and Annie survive the British soldiers, while on their quest to find his parents.
Samuel loves hunting in the woods, and that is what he was doing for the community when his parents were captured. When he returned from hunting, his village had been reduced to smoldering ash, people were killed by the British soldiers, and everything was gone. He sets out to find his parents with only a rifle for protection, and he is always facing danger at every corner. Will he find his parents in time? Will he even be able to survive? Read the amazing book "Woods Runner" to find out.
I loved this book overall. It was interesting with it's many different twists and turns in the plot with the British soldiers and Samuel trying to survive. I would recommend this book to someone in fifth grade and up though because there were some scenes that may be a little intense to some kids.
Some of the conflicts in the story are ...

man vs. man (Samuel vs. the British)
Society vs. Society (New Englanders vs. British)
man vs. nature/men (Samuel trying to survive)

protagonist: Samuel
antagonist: British
The climax in this book
is set when Samuel, Abner,
and Matthew, who is a friend of
Abner's, cross the Hudson River
to try and rescue Samuel's
parents... if they're there.
Samuel and his parents are living in the woods.
Samuel discovers his village destroyed and his parents gone.
Samuel meets Annie and adopts her after her parents are killed.
Samuel and Annie meet Abner who helps them on their travels to finding their parents.
British soldiers
Samuel crosses the Hudson River to try and find his parents
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