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Introduction to SauceLabs

No description

Ryan Lane

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to SauceLabs

SauceLabs @ Prezi
What is SauceLabs?
SauceLabs runs your acceptance tests on different browers and operating systems
What does this give us?
On every build we get:
How can you get started?
Difference between locally run Selenium tests and Sauce run:
Architecture Behind The Magic
You have one type of computer
Your users have many
How do you test for these combinations?
1. Buy a bunch of these
2. Run them on SauceLabs
... on their own VMs
... that you don't have to manage.
What does this look like?
write Selenium tests
set your local Selenium config
watch your tests run
1. automatic test coverage of all our supported browers
Video playback
2. detailed, beautiful test reports
A single
1. Creates a
secure tunnel
between your
web server
the VMs
running the selenium tests

2. Allows
any server in your network
to serve requests to
the Sauce browsers
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