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Sharyl Lynn Fujii

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Writing PD Appendix A 2 Topic 3 That was Then...

This is Now... Teachers controlled the assignments, walking the whole class through the entire writing process at the same time.

Teachers show students how to write. Teachers demonstrate how to incorporate particular skills into their writing. Every writing assignment was started on Monday and finished (published) on Friday.

Students work more independently at their own pace. They move their own writings through the process, seeking support at various stages. The teacher told students what to write about, how long to write it, and when it was due.

Teachers balance "no choice" writing with "free choice" writing. "Good writing" included correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, and neat handwriting. (This only addressed the trait of Conventions.)

Student learn the qualities of "good writing.," They can self-revise, self-edit, and even self-assess their own writing. They know if it's "good" before they turn it in. Teachers usually gave the students topics to write about. Students wrote because teacher said they had to.
Teachers reveal why people really write- for a purpose/reason, to an audience, about an important topic/subject. Deeper Look into Common Core Text type (genres) and purpose for writing
Standards addresses skills important to each genre: argument, information/explanatory writing, and narrative writing Production and distribution of writing
Using the writing process to create, design, and publish work Standards 1-3 Standards 4-6 Standards 7-9 Research to build and present knowledge
Exploring ideas, gathering information, synthesizing that information to make a large volume of information shareable Standard 10 Range of writing
Write in 2 context: spontaneously (writing assessment) and over extended time (research paper, article, book)
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