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Black Swan Green

An Analysis

Kaileigh Ashby

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Swan Green

By David Mitchell Brief Biography Written Works Jason Taylor Biographical Similarities "Don't let dickheads decide what you are" David Mitchell
Born on Jan. 12, 1969 in England
Attended the University of Kent
Moved to Japan where he taught English as a second language Ghostwritten - 1999
number9dream - 2001
Cloud Atlas - 2004
Black Swan Green - 2006
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoel The Fractured Self

Suppressed Identity

The Power of Language

Belonging Both Jason and Mitchell grew up in England David Mitchell-isms Black Swan Green The Fractured Self: Jason's multiple personalities Hangman:


Unborn Twin: speech impediment

unlikable parts about himself

ideal Jason he wishes he could be Suppressed Identity Defined by his stammer and his love of poetry, both of which he hides at all costs "I envy anyone who can say what they want at the same time as they think it, without needing to test it for stammer words," (pg 25). "Writing poetry's ... sort of gay," (pg 153). The Power of Language "Only in my poems, I realized, do I get to say exactly what I want," (pg 156). Bullies calling Jason names: language used for bad as well as good Finding Where You Belong "If I was a Spook, every day'd be as epic as today," (pg 127). Cast out by bullies for his stammer Both had stammers Bullying? Anything else? Parents divorce? "Beauty is not excellence" "A poet throws all but truth in the cellar." "Not hurting people is ten bloody thousand times more important than being right" "The way he said nothing was masterly" "War may be an auction for countries. For soldiers it's a lottery." Others? Sources http://bsgyal.wordpress.com/literary-analysis/ "Black Swan Green" by David Mitchell
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