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My Favourite Artist: Taylor Swift

No description

Jessica Jinadasa

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of My Favourite Artist: Taylor Swift

By Jessica Jinadasa Full Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Born: 13th December 1989
Age: 22
Genres: Pop, Pop rock, Country
Occupation: Singer songwriter and actress
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele
Labels: Big Machine
Website: taylorswift.com Taylor Facts: Taylor Swift is an American singer songwriter who moved to Tennesse at the age of fourteen to pursue a career in country music. She signed to an independent label called Big Machine Records and became the youngest ever songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV music publishing house. Her single 'Our Song' made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number one song on the country chart. Introduction Website Swift has been in loads of magazines such as 'Teen Vogue' 'Seventeen' 'Elle' and many more. She is portrayed in an extremely positive way by the media. Her songs contain lyrics that most teenage girls can relate to which is why she has such a massive fan base. She even considers it to be her 'responisibility' to be conscious of her influence on young fans. Taylor Swift has hardly ever been seen in a negative way through the media partly because she doesn't do drugs or even drink alcohol as she worries that "I might come off in a way i can't control". She also refuses to take part in overly sexualised photo-shoots. Aswell as being a singer, she is also known as a fashion icon and is an actress too which means she's in the public eye even more. V
S Singer, Role Model, Fashion Icon and Actress http://taylorswift.com/ Taylor Swift has her own website which people can visit to find out the latest information about her life and career. The website contains a brief autobiography Taylor's written about herself aswell as a news and events page for fans. Whats more she has a music page on the site which allows people to listen to her all of her songs. The website also contains a link which says 'Store' which takes you to a separate site in which you are able to buy Taylor Swift t-shirts,bags, C-D's and other items.

Swift also has a twitter account in which she tweets about what she's currently doing. Most celebrities use twitter now to promote things as most teenagers use twitter and it's an easy way to pass information across. She has over 19 million followers.
Her facebook page has a similar effect as her website
and twitter
as they all promote her work. Magazine Interviews Taylor Swift has been on the cover of many magazines and has done many interviews over the last couple of years due to the fact that she is a huge star in the music industry and everyone wants to know about her.
In 2009 Swift did an interview for Time Magazine. The impression you get of Taylor Swift after reading the interview is that she is a genuine, down to earth girls, which she actually is. Her answers are honest and she comes across as a typical teenage girl. Reading through the interview you begin to understand why so many girls can relate to her, as the topic is generally about 'Relationships and break ups' Peer asessment: Alina The presentation is detailed, well explained and interesting. Music Genre's By Jess Definition of Genre Genre- A term widely used to single something out from the others. It is a french word meaning 'type'.

For example, different music genres would be, rock, pop, hip pop, jazz, country, classical, indie etc. Pop Pop Music is a genre of popular music which orignated in its modern form in the 1950's. As a genre, pop music is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles including urban, dance, rock, latin and country. Conventions of a Pop Magazine For a start, the name of the magazine is 'We love Pop' which automatically informs the reader that the magazine is all about pop music. The main image is of a famous popstar which draws in the readers attention, especially if they like that type of music. Most of the other images are of other popstars which adds to the 'pop' theme. The colour scheme used is very bright, which has a 'pop' feel, as pop music is normally very upbeat and people can dance to it. There are also fashion sell lines, to help readers to the 'pop fashion' look which would appeal to younger readers. Country Country music originated in the rural regions of the Southern United States in the 1920's. It usually consists of dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments. List of Pop Singers/Bands Britney Spears
Kylie Minogue
Natalie Imbruglia
Steps Taylor Swift
Dolly Parton
Carrie Underwood
Billy Ray Cyrus
Mylie Cyrus Country Artists Conventions of a Country music Magazine The name of the magazine is 'Country' which emphasises what the magazine is about. The main image is of a young famous Country singer which appeals to younger readers. Rap Rap music developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing. Rapping is a vocal style in which the artist speaks lyrically, in rhyme and verse, generally to an instrumental or synthesized beat. Rap Artists Eminem
Flo Rida
Dizzy Rascal Conventions of a Rap Music Magazine The house style of the magazine is red,black white. The colours are rather dark and has a 'serious' effect. The main image is of 'Eminem' with his arms covered in tattoos which are symbolic of his personal life, and rappers usually rap about their personal life.
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