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Mapmaking, Navigation, and shipbuilding

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H. Mollik

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Mapmaking, Navigation, and shipbuilding

Inventions that made exploration possible were many. The compass used the magnetic field to navigate direction. Sea charts show which way the wind blows which is a major factor considering the sail followed the wind. Maps were drawn to show known land and where to go. An anemometer measured the speed of the wind, again, important because the wind is what guides them.
Most of these inventions were created in the 1400s. The globe was invented in 1490 while the anemometer was invented in 1450. The magnetic compass was used in the 1400s and was not introduced until then. It was originally invented in 100 A.D but did not use magnets. The astrolabe was invented in 1481.
The first invention that improved navigation would be the compass. Although the original was invented in 100 A.D, it was reinvented in the 1400's with a magnetic needle to be a lot more accurate. This guides them and lets them know where they are at and what direction they're traveling it. The second invention would be the map. The map would let them know how far a place is. It would also let them see the known places. The third would be the caravel. This let them have light sailing and more control with a wind controlled sail.
The compass was necessary in navigation because this provided direction and location so they would not get stranded. The anemometer was necessary because this measured wind speed. Of course the wind would affect their traveling because of the sail.
Who's Who
Although the compass was invented more than 1300 years by the 1400s, it was reinvented. It consisted of a magnet to align with the Earth's magnetic field. This provided a more accurate response and led them in the right direction.
Map making, Navigation, and Shipbuilding
By Hailey Mollik
Sea Charts
Sea charts were used to create detailed records of their voyages. They were kept away from other captains couldn't see their knowledge of their voyage. They were not accurate and very rare. As you can see, they are made or criss crossing lines.
Leon Battista Alberti invented the anemometer which measures wind speed. Martin Behaim created the globe, called Nurnberg Terrestrial Globe. The painter was Georg Glockendon. The Caravel was a light sailing ship that used lateen sails to move. It was used for 300 years.
Fun Fact
The original compass was actually invented in China in 100 A.D. For more accuracy, it had a magnet added to it for more accuracy
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