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Scheduling video

No description

Angela Wurm

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Scheduling video

Scheduling for 2018-2019
Important Dates!
Course selection sheet details
Online Courses
Math Details
Maximum 2 per semester
Must sign up for OL classes now
If you fail an OL class, you will not be allowed to take another
Choose classes wisely!
Your future depends on it.

Colleges want
to see rigorous
courses EVERY
ALL bad choices!
9th: Thurs., Feb. 15th
10th: Tues., Feb. 20th
11th: Wed., Feb. 28th
Charge your computers!!
Bring your course selection sheets!
Back of Course Selection Sheets
Review graduation requirements on back of course selection sheet & compare to transcripts
(Go to "reports" on portal)
Spanish 2 can be replaced with
1.0 additional VPAA or
Careerline Tech Center (CTC)
Taking at least 2 years of world language in high school is highly recommended for college!

Must see your counselor if interested!

Ask math teacher about math course selection
Everyone MUST take a math class senior year
CTC counts as ELECTIVE math only
Everyone MUST complete
Alg 2


Alg 2A, 2B, & 2C
**Alg 2A, 2B, 2C no longer offered**
Final Reminders
Have sheets completed on time!
Use your transcript on IC to figure out what you need--compare requirements on back of sheet.
See your counselor if you need help.
Choose courses carefully (you get what you ask for)!
Watch prerequisites!
Put in order of preference (rank each)
See Articulation Agreements
(pg.35 of Course Description Book)
AP courses may have summer homework.
DON'T sign up if you aren't willing to put in the work!
Don't enroll now for:
Senior Internship
Dual Enrollment
Early College
Changes to
Course offerings
Careerline Tech Center

AM = 4.5 credits
PM = 3.0 credits
Go to coopersvillebroncos.org
High School
Student Services
Course Description Book
Watch your email!!!
During seminar
in cafeteria
A-K: 1st 1/2
L-Z: 2nd 1/2
ALL bad choices!
Reminder of change to
Graduation Requirements
Science requirement (3 credits):
Biology (1 credit)
Chemistry 1 and Physics 1 (.5 each)
of Chem 2
Physics 2
One science elective (.5 credit)
Not everything in Course Description Book will be offered next year
College Writing
now available
to 11th and 12th
AP US History and AP Government will be offered alternating years.
NO AP US History next year.
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