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Does the hook up culture really exist?

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Katerina Fleming

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Does the hook up culture really exist?

Does the hook up culture really exist?
Research Problem
Are young adults falling in the hook up culture and leaving their intimate senses aside? Is it a topic that should be of concern amongst our society?
First of all, what does "a hook up" mean?
"Hooking up is used to describe a sexual encounter (vaginal, anal, or oral sex) between two people who are not in a dating or serious relationship-Allan Stiller
What are the views on the topic?
Paul Hudson “The Hook-Up Culture... In Love"
Dannah Gresh"My Take There's Nothing Brief About a Hook Up"
He argues that the hookup culture exists solely on the lack of intimacy that our generation has.
Argues that we are scientifically wired to want/need intimacy.
Eliana Dockertam: "What Everyone Is Getting ... Culture"
Believes the topic of the hook up culture has been exaggerated by the media. Her first-hand experience has told her almost the opposite.
Peers, neighbors, classmates
In my essay I plan to argue that if this is just a phase, as Hudson suggests, then that would imply that our generation will eventually fall in love and end the so-called hook up "culture;" it is just a passive thing.

I plan to use all of her scientific research on my essay to argue that we are chemically wired to need intimacy in our lives.
While she has seen first-hand the way that this hook up culture has been exaggerated, I, myself have also seen it first-hand. (This will be introduction to my primary sources)
Donna Freitas Sex and the Soul Juggling ... on America's College Campuses
Surveys on 7 American colleges of on students views on the hook up culture based on their religion
This study disagrees with my view. It states that most students saw the "hook up culture" as a natural phenomenon that had occurred based on the amount of liberties that now women have. I plan to discourage that study with my primary sources and first-hand experiences.
Transitional views
Michael Bruce, Robert M. Stewart College Sex: Philosophy for Everyone, Philosophers with Benefits
Series of essays talk take the readers through a four year college experience.
I plan to use this source to mention what the author argues: hook up culture only exists when young adults are by their own for the first time and wish to experiment, but quickly realize that random hook ups are not what they really want. This would mean that it is a temporary thing... not a culture that our generation has developed.
Neighbor/ Single/ Male
When asked the question: Do you think the hook up culture exists within our community?
He answered: I personally believe it is part of what makes this generation. When my parents were young they would date to know if they wanted to hook up. I hook up to find out if I want to date.
Peer/ Single/ Female
When asked the question: Do you think the hook up culture exists within our community?
She answered: What do you define as "hooking up." If it just means making out with strangers, I personally participate.... but I do not feel comfortable having random sex.
Peer/ Single/ Female
When asked the question: Do you think the hook up culture exists within our community?
She answered: Yes, because everyone does it... Nobody really wants to be in a relationship... Everyone just wants to have fun, and if you are in a relationship, you are usually cheating on them or are being cheated on. I am not saying everyone does it, but most of the people.
These are very different views on the topic. They can add to the conversation by complimenting what has been already found in the articles, journals, and books. They will also help me argue with the sources that are not in favor with my point of view.
Hannah Rosin: Boys on the Side
I plan to use this article as a counter-evidence suggesting that the lack of intimacy is not an issue, when in my opinion in really is.
Article for the Atlantic based on how women feel more liberated and are benefiting from the hookup culture.
Peer/ Single/ Female
When asked the question: Do you think the hook up culture exists within our community?
She answered: I feel that women now have more say in what they choose to do or not do. While this makes some women believe they are more able to have sex with whomever they please, I see it the opposite way. I think it is now more acceptable to be selective on who you want or not want to date. You do not have to follow society's standards anymore. I personally do not participate in the hookup culture.
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