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Candidate for Presidency of Energy, Manufacturing & Operations Club

No description

Alessandro Turco

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Candidate for Presidency of Energy, Manufacturing & Operations Club

Over 5 years of experience in development of core vehicles and in global operations with Toyota Motor and Tata-Corus

Worked and studied in 6 different countries across Asia and Europe

Managed diverse teams and led Toyota Expat group in Japan

Speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish & Japanese... and is trying to learn Hindi! :)

Passionate about manufacturing & operations and strong interest in energy sector About me Alessandro Turco Candidate for Presidency of

Energy, Manufacturing
& Operations (EMO) Club And expertise of ISB students in the club’s related fields MY VISION FOR THE EMO CLUB… Continuously increase “EMO knowledge” ...AND THE WAY FORWARD! Communicate to employers Within india and abroad the strength of the emo student body and the value we can add to their organizations Improve awareness of ISB's EMO competency In India, Asia and globally Visiting target companies & employers,
Setting-up corporate and academic speaker sessions Knowledge sharing & best practices Providing insights in emo-consulting careers Ensuring right placements in emo firms Reaching out to internal and external resources Promoting awareness of the club Creating a position of “Coordinator of EMO Consulting”
Restructuring the club’s current organization Supporting CAS in approaching target companies
Increasing energy sector employers from Middle East & Asia Launching Manufacturing & Operations Conclave in addition to Energy Conclave
Working with other professional clubs Creating EMO Linkedin and Facebook groups
Partnering with EMO clubs of associated b-schools Thank you! Before ISB After ISB
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