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Animal Testing (pro)

No description

sam gaza

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Animal Testing (pro)

Finally Animal Testing Benefits Humans Animal Testing It is morally right to use animals in research Their are often no reliable alternatives to animal testing Antibiotics
Blood Transfusion
Bypass Surgery
Joint Replacement Animal testing is an essential part of medical research. Because of animal testing medical treatment and vaccines are made. And have saved millions of lives. Our pets also benefits wit hanimal testing. If we don't use animals to create cures for life threatening illness then should we all sacrifice ours to save theirs? Let us not forget that their are other cases outside laboratories, that treat animals in much inhumane ways. But we seldom seeing it, because its necessary to do so. Animal experimenting is one of the best means to understand the effects and side effects of a chemical within a living body. Even physicians agree with using animals in research Computer methods are not reliable enough to develop and test medicines.
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