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Notes on The Midnight Driver Character Alex

No description

Kyara Hernandez

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Notes on The Midnight Driver Character Alex

Alex: Summary : Alex Peter Gregory is a 16 year old boy who has lots of problems. He has to deal with 'girl problems',family issues, and school. Finally he breaks under pressure and decides to get drunk and drive to his fathers house,who is currently having an affair with his 3rd grade teacher, to tell him off. He crashes his mother's car down the block from his house into a lawn gnome. As a punishment he will be sentenced into working at a nursing home for 1oo hours. There he meets a grumpy old guy who loves playing guitar named Sol short for Soloman Lewis .There relationship starts out rough, but afterwards they bound over there passion of guitar. Alex learns Sols past which helps him face his problems he is having now. Sol also learns from Alex and starts to enjoy he's life after Alex helps Sol clear his problems in the past. Physical description: Alex faces many problems like:
-his parents are getting a divorce.
-he is starting to like his best friend Laurie.
-has to finish 100 hours of community service at the nursing home.
-Sol,Alex's patient, is a grumpy old man who
plays tricks on Alex. Notes From the Midnight Driver Thoughts and Feelings. Personality: Alex Challenges and
Accomplishments. Feelings:
-Alex likes his best friend Laurie.
-is frustrated with Sol but later is
good friends with him.
-Bothered by his parents divorced.
-loves playing guitar.
-Very kind to everyone but sort of slow to his own feelings. The End By: Kyara Hernandez.
Scarbo 2nd period Author: Jordan Sonnenblick Alex Peter Gregory is a scrawny 16 year old who likes to play guitar .He is an american boy who has green eyes and brown hair. -Caring
-leaning towards the irresponsible side but later in the story he is responsible.
-Slow(dunce) Genre: Realistic Fiction Accomplishments:
Though he had faced many problems Alex later learns responsibility, friendship, starts a relationship with Laurie, his family issues are still there but now he accepts it as it is,and he learns how to play guitar. Thoughts:
Alex's thoughts are irresponsible at first like a child .Then later turns into a responsible adult after he learns from Sol about the meaning of friendship and to do what he loves.
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