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Disneyland Paris

No description

Dmitrii Li

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris
MISTAKES : FROM america to Europe
Cultural imperialism
The park did not fit into the local culture
Cross-cultural differences
Incorporate more aspects of the European culture and less then that of the American culture
Signs became multilingual
Food was changed to reflect the tastes of europeans
Cast members were trained to be more cordial with the french culture
Europeanization of Disney
1) Food & Drinks
Breakfast: no breakfast service in the hotels:
"We were told that the Europeans don't take breakfast"
NO Alcohol policy: European custom of enjoying leisurely meals at particular hours, completre with wine and beer
2)Vacations and Length of stay
Europeans didn't stay at the park as long as Disney expected
America average: 4-5 days
Europe average: 1-3 days (just a stop during the holidays)
Attendance highly seasonal:
Summer long vacations
Winter low attendance
Missing consumer's tastes and habits marketing research pt.2
3) Price: too expencive for Europeans
Initial price of 30% more than California
Europe's lower disposable income per capita
On-going recession in Europe (1992)
Culturally conservative vacation and spending habits
For British tourists it was cheaper to go to Florida because of exchange rates
Internal marketing
– Staffing/labour problems:
9 weeks after opening -> 10% employees left
Reasons -> american team-work model didn´t work in France
Dress policy violated French labour laws
-Lack of partnerships with travel agents or investing businesses (hotel chains…)
Fundamental piece to enhance the marketing strategy
It would have allowed Disney to increase the reach of promotional strategy
support by Government
Contracts signed in 1985
Planned costs of 1 billion €
actual building time was 4 years and costs of aproximately 4,7 billion €
Government borrow Walt Disney 770 million and paid for most of infrastructure
Additional station for TGV and expanded metro
Compulsory expropriations were arranged to get the space
Disneyland offered 10000 jobs and billions of revenues for government
Thank You
for Your Attention

Disneyland in Europe
Cross-cultural differences
USA vs Europe
Internal Marketing
Missing consumer's tastes and habits
Part 1
Part 2
Support by Governement
Missing consumer's tastes and habits marketing research pt.1
Name: Disneyland Paris
Disneyland in europe
Cross-cultural differences
4 theme parks, 2 water parks and 23 resort hotels
hot weather
no alcohol
eat in disneyland every time
take a ride
2 parks and 7 hotels.
cold weather
off-season visit had to be heavily discounted
glass of wine for lunch is a given
restaurants at 12:30 p.m (rush)
prefer to walk
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