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Elements on Structures

Science project

Soo-Yeon Cho

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Elements on Structures

Elements on Structures Table of Contents The Golden Temple-Intro The Golden Temple-Stability and Symmetry The Golden Temple-Forces The Golden Temple-Types of Structures The Golden Temple-Diagram The Big Ben-Intro The Golden Temple The Big Ben
-Stability and -Stability and
Symmetry Symmetry
-Forces -Forces
-Types of Structure -Types of Structure
-Diagram -Diagram
-Video -Video

-Bibliography The Big Ben-Stability and Symmetry The Big Ben-Forces The Big Ben-Types of Structures The Big Ben-Diagram Bibliography Stability-is balance the way an object falls or the way you sit on that object. Stability dpends on the materials the structure is made from and how its mass is distributed. Centre of gravity/Force of gravity
-Where most weight is carried There are different types of forces. Magnitude, direction, point of application, tension, compression, shear, torsion, and external forces.But today, I'm only going to be talking about tension, compression, shear, torsion, live/dead load, and static/dynamic load. Wind gives Dynamic Force to the structure by putting force that are other then gravity. This part gives a Compression Force.Because this part of the structure pushes the rest of the structure down. People visiting this building are live load. Because they are a temporary mass with gravity. Dead load. Dead load makes out the building. Because the dead loads are the permanant mass with gravity. And this structure has mass and is permanant The door from this structure gives shear force because 2 forces goes on the same door. Like one force is from the person who's pushing the door and the other force is from the wind getting pushed away because the door has moved. This part of the structure gives tension force. Because of the compression force up above, the bottom stretches out. There sre no source of live load since this building does not invite the travellers inside the building. Dead load is the whole structure since the Big Ben is made out of gravity and those gravities are permanant. There is shear force when the wind blows through the hand of the clock. This part of the structure has the tension force because of the compression on the top of the building presses down the bottom of the building and it stretches out on the bottom The dynamic force from the wind gives compression force by pressing the structure with no gravity(the wind). This part of the structure gives compression force with its weight pressing down the bottom part of the structure. The center of the hands gives torsion force by twisting when the indivisual hands of the clock moves. Support points.
They are all the edges that supports a structure. Support base.
Support base is all the area around the structure supporting the building. Center of gravity/force of gravity are the same. It is where all the weight is carried which is where the bells are and the clock. Support base.
Support base is all the area the big ben takes up all of its property. Support points are the edges that are attached to the big ben the suppor points holds up the big ben. The Golden Temple is a combintion structure because it contains a combination of a frame, shell, and solid structure. A combinatio structure is benificial because the structure gets all the characteristics of each diffrent strucuture. The Solid: A structure with a set voume and rigid shape. Legend Inside Structure:
Outside Structure: Shear Force Tension force Dead load Dynamic force Solid Center of gravity Live load Compression force Support base Support point The Frame: A structure formed to support and streghten each other. The Shell: A structure that is built as a solid surface around a hallow area. Legend Outside strucure: Inside Strucutre: The Solid: T o weigh down the structure so it will withstand diffrent forces. The Shell: To insulate the strucutre and to give it a better look. The Frame: Frames the structure so the structure will not the colapse. Triangle: Strong, rigid, and cannot be bent easily. -The Big BeN is the biggest four faced chiming clock in thee world
-The Big Bens actually name is the Clock Tower but is often refered to as the Big Ben, Big Tom, or the Tower of the Big Ben
-The Big Ben is one of the most recoginable structures in London and represents the city. This structure shows the elements:
-stability and symmetrty
-types of structures -The Golden Temple in Indias is one of the oldest places for worship for the "Sikhs"
-The Golden Temple is located in Amristar, Punjab
-The entire top of the temple is made of pure gold This structure shows teh elements:
-stability and symmetry
-types of structures 1. Nelson Science and Technology 7 2. Pearson Investigating Science and Technology 7 Tension force Support Point Center of Gravity Dynamic force Compression force Torsion force Shear force Support Base Dead load Frame Shell Legend Inside structure
outsid structure Solid Triangle Other Techniques used to Strenghten Structures Curves: can form a very strong support Truss: a structural element made up of a series of triangular frames used to strenghten structures. Ties: a member that supports a strucutre
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