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The Twelfth Night Storyboard!

No description

Spencer Denney

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Twelfth Night Storyboard!

The Twelfth Night Storyboard!
By Spencer D.
Act 3
Scene 1
Lines 145 - 153
This photo is to represent Olivia expressing her love to Cesario. This is important because it develops the plot by creating a love triangle between Herself, Cesario and Orsino. It also adds dramatic irony to the story because Cesario is not actually a man but Olivia does not know that.
Scene 2
Lines 29 - 48
This picture is to show Sir Toby encouraging Sir Andrew to challenge Cesario. This drives the plot because it's the beginning of the conflict between Sir Andrew and Cesario. Also, it shows that Sir Toby is supportive of his friend Sir Andrew in his hopes to marry Olivia.
Scene 3
Line 48
This picture represents when Antonio lent some money to Sebastian. This is important because it shows us that Antonio is a very nice friend and how he is willing to help Sebastian. Also, it develops the plot because Cesario, whom looks just like Sebastian, doesn't know Antonio lent this money which is the basis for a conflict further on.
Scene 4
Lines 1 - 77
This picture represents Malvolio following through with Maria's prank by wearing yellow cross-gartered tights and smiling constantly at Olivia. This is important because it shows us that Malvolio is very naive because he fell instantly for the prank. It is also a plot developer because it results in Malvolio getting locked up in a dark room.
Scene 4
Lines 200 - 285
This picture represents Sir Toby initiating the fight between Sir Andrew and Cesario. This progresses the plot because it shows us that Sir Toby has a malicious sense of humor. It also shows us that Sir Andrew is very timid because he does not want to fight Cesario.
Scene 4
Line 303 and 346
This photo represents Antonio getting arrested when he showed up at Olivia's house and tried to break up the fight between Cesario and Sir Andrew. This is important to the plot because when he continually refers to Cesario as Sebastian, it tells Viola that her brother may still be alive. Also, it shows how Viola is a giving person because she gave Antonio some money despite the fact she'd never met him.
Scene 4
Line 302
This photo represents Antonio asking for his money back, but of course Cesario has no clue what hes talking about. This is important to the plot because Antonia doesn't know that Cesario isn't Sebatian, therefor he believes that Sebastian is betraying him by pretending he does not know him. I predict this will play a role in the future of the story.
Scene 2
Lines 1 - 6
This picture represents when Andrew threatens to leave because Olivia does not love him. This is important to the plot because Sir Andrew plays an important role in the plot later on, and if he had left that would be different. Also, it shows that Sir Andrew is not naive because he knows and accepts Olivia does not love him.
The End!
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