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Phone Ettiquette

No description

Erin O'Connell

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Phone Ettiquette

Very few people appear to know how to follow any rules, or use common sense, when it comes to being polite. Following these few rules will help you be a nice person.
Try Not to Ignore Others
Swearing or cursing during class is not a good idea. Not only can it get you in trouble but, using profanities during class or at special events is just plain rude. Yes, as Americans we have freedom of speech*. But, swearing in public is unnecessary and vulgar. Try to keep the profanities to a minimum in school or in public.
Using your phone or just messing around in general in the hallways, or in any other public place where people move around, is incredibly rude. Walking in the halls at school while on your phone just slows everything down. People get angry and are late to class. It's not hard to put your phone in your bag and just get to class.
Don't Be On Your Phone While Walking
Teen Etiquette
By: Erin O'Connell and Rhegan Henry
Bullying in any way is wrong, but phones and WIFI have made it much easier to be rude to other people anonymously. When teens and adults say something rude they most likely do it online or over the phone. You need to realize that there are people on the other end of the phone. Text someone like you're talking in person.
Look Your Best
Being comfortable is nice and just feels better than being restricted in jeans. But, showing up to school or an event in pajama pants and flip flops is just not right. How you look reflects how you feel about the situation. Wearing a ripped and stained t-shirt to picture days shows that you don't really care.
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*One doesn't have to follow this rule in a shady neighborhood
Say you are ordering food at a fast food restaurant, and you must wait in a line. You wear headphones and listen to music to kill time. You get to the front, and you don't realize it's your turn because of the music. You now have a line of angry people behind you, and you wasted their time. To solve this, you simply pay attention to your surroundings while listening to music. If someone appears to be talking to you, take them off.
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Thanks for Watching!!!
In conclusion, having good manners and good etiquette is not a hard thing to do. Just follow these simple rules and you'll be good to go.
*tripping over the air or running into an obvious door is very embarrassing
*if you are taking exams or a really long test, this can be excluded
*no one likes a mean and negative person
*quoting the constitution is not a free pass to be rude
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