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Kurt Cobain

No description

Michail Todd

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Kurt Cobain

Early Life
Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington on February 20, 1967 to an artistic family. However, when he was 9 years old, his parents, Donald and Wendy Cobain, were divorced. While living with his dad, Cobain's Uncle gave him a guitar. Thinking that his father always took his step mother's side, he began drugs in his mid teens . Later, he went to live his mother, who was now Wendy O'Connor. At a high school in Aberdeen, he was incredible at artistic subjects, although he was known for his odd taste.
Beginning of Nirvana
Smells like Teen Spirit
On September 10, 1991, Nirvana's best known song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, was released on Nevermind. The song's title was actually based on the day Kurt Cobain found the words "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit", a deodoreant that was common in the 90's, although Kurt didn't know that Teen Spirit was a deodorant. Kurt actually wanted to "write the ultimate pop song....basically trying to rip off the Pixies. What was originally a simple song became their most well known song. In fact, researchers claim that Smells Like Teen Spirit is the most iconic song of all time
Although the 90's wasn't the best for non-heterosexuals, Kurt Cobain was a major LGBT rights supporter. In high school, after defending a gay student, many students thought he was in fact gay. But, Kurt only pretended to be gay to be left alone. In fact, he claimed that he proud that he was gay, even though he wasn't. Due to his mother's homophobic ways, Kurt couldn't stay friends with him. However, in his journal, Cobain wished that he was gay, just to make homophobes mad. Kurt also said that he might have been bisexual if he never met his wife, Courtney Love.
Although this hasn't been proven, Bev Cobain, Kurt's cousin and a nurse with a mental health backgrounds, claims that he suffered from both Bipolar Disorder. He also had a heroin addiction since his early teenage years.
Kurt Cobain
In 1988, Cobain created a band called Nirvana, a grunge that at first had very little success. However, during their second album Nevermind, Chad Channings decided to quit drumming for the band and was replaced by Dave Grohl. Nevermind was a success and made the band a major symbol in the 90's.
On April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide with a shotgun, joining the 27 club, a group of celebrities who died at the age of 27. However, in the documentary Soaked In Bleach, suggests that Kurt Cobain didn't kill himself, but rather he could've been murdered. During the year of his death, he and Courtney Love were raising a daughter named Frances Cobain.
Not only did he popularized the use of both soft and loud vocals, but he made alternative rock even more popular than it ever was. New bands like Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl was one of the people who found in and is the main singer, My Chemical Romance, and Three Days Grace surfacing up after Nirvana's end.
Interesting Facts
- There was an older band, also called Nirvana, sued Cobain's band for the name
- In his childhood, he was once raised by a friend's religious family, which religion was a big part of Kurt Cobain's life
- The video for Heart-Shaped Box was Kurt Cobain's idea

Kurt Cobain Joins the 27 Club
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