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The Hipster in the Mirror

No description

Chris Serica

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hipster in the Mirror

The Hipster in the Mirror
Intro opens the topic with a question
Body paragraphs explore the essence of hipsters
Last body paragraph and conclusion comes up with an answer to beginning question
Analyzes the criteria of hipsters
Image and personality of hipsters
"How admiration for art, appreciation of music, even taste in food, came about for different groups, and how 'superior' taste was not the result of an enchanted superiority in scattered individuals"

Taste in certain things doesn't come from superiority.
It's what you're exposed to and others' influence on you.
Critical of others=trend setting
Hide their background with what they wear.
View their taste as superior to others
"Pride comes from knowing and deciding whats cool"
They criticize others
Avoid being critical of themselves by setting trends
Golden Lines
"...they wore the skinny jeans and big eye glasses..."

Type of style already mainstreamed
"Only on the basis of their cool clothes can they be 'superior': hipster knowledge compensates for economic immobility"

Image and clothes are scapegoats
Hide financial status with what they wear.
"a beautiful photo could be made from a car crash..."

Art can't be "judged"
Hipsters are perceived as "higher class" when really they're hiding their insecurities with their image.
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