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No description

Trisha Kholiya

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda Propaganda Joseph Goebbels NAZIS Hitler used propaganda to get in power
Once in power he used terror to keep the citizens in line A LAW SAID "undesirables" can't have kids- treated Jews as a dirty race Propaganda Propaganda (n.) -biased info designed to shape public opinion and behavior
- involves persuasion in his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler said that Jews were the blame for all the problems in Germany

P.S. Mien Kampf means "My Struggle" Nazi
party said Jews were racial enemies (through propaganda) NAZI British propaganda American propaganda How Propaganda caused the Franks to go into hiding... Jews were "undesirables" in nazi eyes, they weren't allowed to have children. AND SINCE Most of the propaganda during the Holocaust was shown as
speeches by Nazi leaders, including Hitler
Other forms of propaganda were expressed through many posters. PROPAGANDA responsible for all propaganda to get Hitler elected
once given control over the entire media, he released more ads against Jews
made sure no Germans saw anything against the nazi party Thank you for
watching! :) By: Trisha, Emma, Shilika, and Anusha Hitler's Book (a big piece of propaganda) Anne Frank example of current American propaganda Anne Frank
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