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Biomedical Engineering

No description

Sarai Castillo

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Biomedical Engineering

Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Education 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Wondering about Working Conditions? Biomedical Engineers work inside
modern, well-equipped hospitals, research centers, and manufacturing plants. Major
Job Responsibilities Developing medical Instruments
Research answers to medical questions
Take research findings and and develop models
help others understand human and animal behavior What does a Biomedical engineer do? College To be a Biomedical engineer you need one of two things.

Bachelors degree in biomedical engineering.

Bachelors degree in a different field of engineering and then get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering. Where do
Biomedical Engineers
work? Average annual
$66,400 Salary Range:
$56,100-$83,900 Whats the best part about being a Biomedical Engineer? The good part about having a job in this field is the variety of tasks and the variety of skills needed to complete them. Biomedical Engineering DEMAND FOR
ENGINEERS You might now Biomedical engineers as the people who innovate equipment such as.... Biomedical engineers analyze and design solutions in biology and medicine, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Artificial limbs
Heart valves
Kidney machines Students are recommended to take the most challenging Math, Science, and English courses available in high school if they would like to pursue a career as a Biomedical Engineer! 2012 2020 Employment for
Biomedical engineers
is expected
to grow 62% from
2012-2020 $Salary$ $$$$$ Hospitals
Manufacturing Plants
Universities They work in: Research facilities
Educational/medical institution
Government regulatory agencies Whats the worst part about being A Biomedical Engineer? Medical device development takes and enormous amount of documentation in order to comply with the various regulatory bodies, such as the FDA. Interesting Facts about
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical engineers play a significant role in mapping the human genome, robotics, tissue engineering, and in nanotechnology High school Many biomedical engineering graduates go on to medical school. Biomedical engineering has the highest percentage of female students in all engineering specialties 30% of Biomedical engineering graduates are employes in manufacturing. I think that engineers will have have huge impact in the future on the effectiveness of our medical and everyday lives. I don't think I will be interested in pursuing a career in engineering because I would like to be the one who uses the device that an engineer creates instead of creating the device. THE END By: Sarai Castillo
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