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my poetry 2014

No description

Suraya Allie

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of my poetry 2014

Fuzzy Bunny
I Am the Sparkle Queen!!!
My face is jolly and joyful
I was named after a superstar
My voice has a contagious laugh
My parents think I'm a silly billy
My teacher thinks I'm sparkly

I Am the Sparkle Queen!!!
I Am the Sparkle Queen!!!
Loud music keeps me awake and alert
In 20 years I would like to be a pharmacist
I'm am really smart about cute sparkles
I dream about flying and having sparkle powers
I always remember my homework
I always forget what day it is
Others really don't under stand why I laugh for no reason
I want to be alone when I'm sleeping
P.E. wares me out

I see my self as a sparkle queen
With my family I am the goofball
My homework ethic is mature
I am like a child when I follow my mom around
I Am The sparkle queen!!!
I dedicate this Prezi to my family and teacher for being there and my baby bunny Ernie. I also dedicate this to Mr. Hochsteler for helping me understand Prezi and logging on. Love you!
Peace and sparkles,
Three things that describe me are:
sweet as ice-cream
high self esteem
I am proud to be Suraya!
is the color of fluffy clouds
is the feeling of big joy mounds
is the smell of hubba bubba bubble gum
is the sound of a machine's hum
is the taste of hot cinnamon tea
is the sight of animals singing do re mi
is the color of sparkly blush
is the feeling of a baby's hush
is the smell of a brand new kite

is the sound I hear at night

Her face is wrinkly like a worm
Her smile is as cold as ice
Her hands are as boney as a twig
Her arms are straws
Her legs are sticks
Her fingers are as sharp as knives
Her heart is a stone
Her stare is hard as a rock
Her voice is the sound of a radio's buzz
Her laugh means your doom

The Evil Enchantress

my buggies
The world will change because...
my favs
When I can't decide between 2 things
When I'm interrupted
When my sister can't compromise
When my mom tells me to turn off the wii
When I have tons of homework
Having to wait in long lines
When I'm so close to finishing somthing but I have to stop
When I forget things
When I can't think properly
When I'm really hungry
I know I can change the world
I will reuse
I will not waste
I will recycle
I believe in myself

I know I can change the world
I will be positive
I will encourage others
I will help people in need
I will treat people with kindness and respect
I believe in myself

I know I can change the world
I will care for animals
I will care for people
I will care for the environment
I will do my best
My name is Suraya Allie
I know I can change the world
The taste of cold ice-cream and sound of a fan
The sight of Ernie running fast as he can
Watching colorful sparkles as they sing
These are a few of my favorite things

Waiting for college and watching the sunset
Purple lavender flowers in a big set
Seeing white ducklings with small fluffy wings
These are a few of my favorite things

A light rainbow and chewing pink bubble gum
playing saxophone just listen to the hum
lovely blue and red birds that love to sing
These are a few of my favorite things

A broken phone
When alarms ring
When I'm not so glad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad
lollypops and sparkles
I have an obsession-
lollypops and sparkles
of course I have a list
of other things too,
but most of all I like

lollypops and sparkles
pink, gold and blue !!
cupcakes and sparkles (RAP)
Cupcakes and sparkles in my dreams, I eat 'em every day so I can't sleep
I love cupcakes don't you too? I eat 'em all the time with pink and blue-frosting
Cupcakes and sparkles in my dreams, I eat 'em every day so I can't sleep
Come see the beauty
a beauty that is alive
...the beauty of a sea
y of th
e sea
My Poetry 2014
By:Suraya Allie
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