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Marketing Mix Project - 4P's + 2C's

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khansa baleem

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Mix Project - 4P's + 2C's

1) Subway
2) L'Oréal Paris
3) HP Products:
- Sandwiches
* B.L.T
* Black Forest Ham
* Cold Cut Combo
* Meatball Marinara
* Oven Roasted Chicken
* Roast Beef
* Subway Club
* Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
* Veggie delite + more
- Breakfast
* Bacon, Egg & Cheese
* Breakfast B.M.T. Melt
* Egg & cheese + more
- Salads
- Sides, Drinks and Extras
* Milk, Fountain Sodas, Water, Minute Maid Juice, Ice tea,
*Apple slices, Chips, yogurt parfait, cookies
* Cheese, peperoni, bacon Subway Think Fresh, Eat Fresh Because your worth it Marketing Mix Project The 4 P's and 2 C's Price Range:
Sandwiches $4.00 - 7.00
Salads $ 4.00 - 7.00
Sides/Drinks/Extras $1.00- 4.00 Products

Competition Place:
Public places, preferably busy, packed people, plaza's, malls, school's, withbusinesses, main roads Promotions:
Forms of Advertisement
- T.V Commercials
- Bill boards, signs
- Online
- Partnerships (PS3 products)
- All include rich colors, relevant info, big,
attractive, healthy, nutritional value, looks tasteful
- Using Athletes, recognized people

Types of Promotions:
- More food, less money
- Sale, limited time deal
- Low price
- Giving back
- Reward, prize
- Great deal

-$5 dollar foot long
Most successful promotion ever
- Sub Club Costumer reward program Consumer:
-Anyone from kids (Fresh Fit for Kids menu)
to middle aged adults
-Anyone looking to eat healthy Competition:
Direct Competition
- Mcdonald's
- Mr Sub
- Quiznos
Indirect Competition
- Mandarin
- Boston Pizza
- Pickle Barrel
- Healthier
- Fresh
- Open kitchen
(in front of costumers) www.subway.com L'Oréal Paris Products:
Make Up - Eyes; Eyeliner & brow, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Primers & Removers
- Face; Blush, Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Primer
- Lips; Lip color, Lip Gloss & Lip balm, Lip Liner
- Nails; Nail Polish
Hair - Hair Color; Highlights, Permanent, Non- Permanent, Root touch-ups
- Hair Care; Shampoo & Conditioner, Treatment
- Hair Styling; Cream, Gel, Hair Spray, Mousse, Serum, Texture
Skin Care - Moisturizers, Treatments, Cleansers & Makeup Removers, Suncare, Self Tanner Price:
May vary according to product size, and value
$4.00 - 35.00 +
wide product and price range Place:
Located near greater business opportunity
malls, places of greater amounts of public,
widely known shopping areas Promotions:
Forms of Advertisement;
- T.V commercials
- stalls in public places
- conventions
- Attractive models, achievable looks,
desirable outcome
- T.V actresses, well known models
Types of Promotions; - Free products- Samples- Sale/ Low prices- In store make over Consumer:
Typical costumer would be
- A female (general)
- Concerning appearance
- anywhere from 15 years of age and higher
- any girl from anywhere, L'Oreal is available in 130 countries
- average income, inexpensive product
- interests may include art, cosomotology etc Competition:
Direct; MAC, Maybelline,
Revlon etc.
Indirect; Cosmetic Surgery
Differences; Quality,
Inexpensive, French basis Products:
Electronics including;
Laptops & Tablet PC's
Printers & All-in-ones
Ink, Toner, Paper
Handhelds & Calculators
Total Care
Accessories - Parts
All Consumer Products
Networking Price:
Due to electronics most often in mid hundreds
wide range
$10.00 - 1000 + Place:
Generally located in malls, areas where high security is manageable, areas of product demand; cities with business opportunity Promotion:
Forms of Advertisment:
- T.V commercials
- online
- advertisements on popular sites HP Invent Types of Promotions:
- Sale/ cheap prices
- Online deals
- New technology
Consumers would include small businesses to huge business corporations, small offices, common households, business orientated people, technology based environments, schools, university's, libraries,
HP's competition
would include any
electronic company

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