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South African Region

No description

Mackenzie Austin

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of South African Region

South Africa
By Mackenzie & Ben Physical Geography Location
South Africa is located south of Tanzania and the Democratic Rebublic of Congo.
The Indian Ocean lies east and the Atlantic Ocean lies to the west.
The countries include:
South Africa
South Africa consists of many landforms.
Deserts-the Namib deserts borders the west coast of South Africa and is located in Namibia. The Kalahari is more inland and covers most of Botswana.
Escarpments drop to the coastal plains.
The Drakensberg Mountains are also in South Africa.
The Zambezi River b0rders Zambia and Zimbabwe and the Limpopo River winds along the border of South Africa. The Orange River is also a river in Southern Africa.
The eastern coast has a mild to hot subtropical climate with high rainfall.
The southern tip has a mild Mediterranean climate, cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers.
Closer to the equator Angola contains rainforests.
Southern Africa also contains some savanna.

San people
Live in Namib and Kalahari deserts
Speak Khoisan
Khoisan uses clicking noises
They eat roots, berries, tubers, fruits, nuts, and wild animals
They have Asian ancestry and are abeleto, live in arid, desert wastelands
They travel hundreds of miles on foot to find food
They make rock paintings and engravings
They wear simple leather thongs and sometimes leather sandals
Men have marks between their eyebrows and strips on their shoulders and back
They practice infanticide, they kill babies that are sick or crippled
Yes, they live in one of the five poorest naitions in the world. They are very underdeveloped because they only have one public secondary school and they have no paved roads. They are really struggling.

Traditional People Government Types of Governments
Country Government

Angola Multiparty Republic
Botswana Multiparty Republic
Lesotho Constitutional Monarchy
Malawi Multiparty Democracy Mozambique Republic
Namibia Multiparty Rebuplic
South Africa Multiparty Republic
Swaziland Monarchy
Zambia Multiparty Republic
Zimbabwe Democracy

I think the governments are not effective because in Southern Africa they have had many problems. One problem includes war. Many South African countries have had war against the British and the Africaners and usually governments try to prevent war. Apartheid dominated the country of South Africa. This ensured white-minority control. Apartheid is the segregation of races. The government didn't even stop it. The economies are getting better but very slowly. Still, high illiteracy rates and diseases continue to grow in Southern Africa.There are many poor people in Southern Africa. They build little shacks near large cities for shelter. Ithink the government should give a little bit of money to the poor people and improve their health care to decrease the high disease rates and people living in poverty too.
Pop Culture In some Southern African countries, mainlly Lesotho, they are strongly impacted by American culture.
South Afrcan youth identify with aspects of American culture.
Cattle play an important role as a symbol of wealth and as sacrificial animals.
South Africans perform in many major festivals.
White Africaners live there.
South Africa has about eleven languages.

No, I would not like to visit Southern Africa because I don't think they are very developed and I think they are behind in the world today. Since Southern Africa has about eleven languages, I think it would also be hard to talk to people and understand what they are saying. South Africa may not even be as pretty as it used to be since all of the natural resources are being used. I would be scared that I would get lost in the Namib or Kalahari deserts too. I bet a lot of people live in Southern Africa. And I don't like too crowded of places too. Lots of wars have broken out over the years so I would also think a war would start. References Hall, Derek. Nations and Personalities: Peoples and Cultures of Africa. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 2006. Print.

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