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Dissociative Anonymity

No description

Julie Best

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Dissociative Anonymity

Dissociative Anonymity
The online disinhibition effect
Theorized by John Suler : 'The Online Disinhibition effect'
6 factors to explain the phenomenon
Social and individual consequences
Interpretation : where is the reality?
Reality vs fantasized online life?
Aren't social networks a way to
recreate identification
on the web?
Appearances & Reality on the web

Minimization of authority
No physical presence to set authority
Dissociative anonymity
Definition of 'dissociation'
Anonymity : sense of protection
Compartmentalized self
Importance of senses : cannot be seen or heard
Dissociative imagination
Dissociation + Imagination
(CyberPsychology & Behavior 7)
Dissociative anonymity
Avoid others' immediate reactions
Solipsistic Introjection
Lack of data : assimilating the other's behaviors
Imagination : shaping, assigning identities
Solipsistic introjection
of authority
Loosening of social restrictions while interacting with others
'Benign disinhibition' vs 'Toxic disinhibition'
Even if identity known, no physical presence
Playing with the time of answer : 'Emotional hit and Run' (Kali Munro)
Everybody is equal
No external authority to restrain
The cyberspace = a game
Rules do not apply
Positive consequences
Negative consequences
Desinhibition leads to creativity
Effect of catharsis
Cyber bullying, hurting people
Effect of double-life, fantasized life
Or... does it unveil the reality of some personalities?
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