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African Resistance to Imperialism

No description

Carlos Macias

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of African Resistance to Imperialism

Tribes of people resided in South Africa, known as a warrior nation
Around 1816, a Zulu chief, Shaka Zulu, used disciplined warriors and a good military organization to create a large centralize state.
Shaka Zulu changed the army and introduced new military tactics and a sense of pride in the Zulu people. (what is this called?) In 1889 Menelik signed the treaty of Wichale with Italy
Italy recognized Ethiopia's sovereignty
Italy continued to colonize and conflict soon erupted with Ethiopia
The battle of Adowa- Italians were defeated by the Ethiopian forces
by winning Ethiopia maintained their independence. Menelik II modernized Ethiopia by constructing railroads and maintaining modern weapons in his arsenal in case of another European country challenging their authority. once Africa was carved up, it did not take long for Colonial powers to stake there claim. Ethiopia The Zulu nation fell to British control in 1887 African Resistance
To Imperialism In 1885 European nations met in Berlin to divide African lands and set up trade
began a period of intense colonial activity in Africa
Europeans eliminated most forms of African autonomy and self-governance. List of Countries invited to the Berlin Conference African countries European Countries:
Great Britain
Turkey Which country has the most territory? why? However, not all African countries immediately fell to colonial rule while all of them fought back, some where more successful than others The Zulu People: Menelik skillfully played the Italians, French, British against one another along with his Ethiopian rivals
Acquired modern weapons from France and Russia 10.4.3 Explain imperialism from the perspective of the colonizers and the colonized and the varied immediate and long-term responses by the people under colonial rule. South Africa highlights the effect of Imperialism.
Dutch The Zulu were unable to keep their kingdom together against the British's modern technology and weapons
Zulu fought valiantly but ultimately were defeated and lost their kingdom
In 1879 Zulu king Cetshwayo refused to accept British rule and resulted in a 5 month bloody war. Menelik II became emperor in 1889 until his death in 1913. Move into your groups and use your
notes from this presentation and the book
to complete the graphic organizer.

Whatever you do not finish in class becomes
homework. =) Berlin
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